May 31, 2005

What's in YOUR wallet?

For a crummy start, the weekend ended up being fabulous. The crummy start? On Friday, I had a miserable morning. After much planning, the work trip to Seattle I am supposed to be going on NEXT WEEK, may or may not be happening. I may or may not find out today, if we are going next week, the week after, OR the week after that. I also get to schedule TWO doctor's appointments for the same time period and I guess, oh, just cross my fingers I get to attend. Health be damned when you work for Big Al, I suppose. Anyway, after that sort of morning, I decided I needed to treat myself to a nice lunch. I went to Californo’s in Westport and had a lovely meal – I ate outside under their covered patio and it was raining pretty hard. I LOVE rain, so this was a special treat for me. Afterwards, I went to Murray’s Ice Cream for the obvious (read: frozen dairy dessert) So, imagine the proverbial scene of a pregnant chick sitting on a bench on a nice Friday afternoon eating her creamy treat. As I was enjoying said treat, a car comes to a screeching halt in front of me. A guy gets out and runs right past me and then leaps 4-5 stairs at a time all the way down a very long staircase near me (it freaked me out at first because I was sure he was going to break his neck). Then, his buddy, the driver, follows suit. THEN, two police officers come tearing past me. I could have tripped all these guys; they were passing so closely to me! Then it dawned on me – the two guys running by were actually running AWAY from the police officers. I got up from the bench, threw my ice cream in the trash and resisted the urge to totally hurl in the trash can as well. I went to my car to get the hell out of the area but THE POLICE CRUISER WAS PARKED BEHIND ME. I was blocked. The cops did manage to catch one of the guys and dragged him back – all in all, I was stuck there for 45 minutes just waiting for my car to be free. Yikes.

Luckily, the rest of the weekend was great. Our friends from Boston, S and A, were in town. They had never been to Kansas City before, so it was fun to show them around and prove that many of us here have normal-colored necks and that no, we do not have cows running in the streets (not normally, anyway). We went to Lawrence on Saturday – had a nice meal and drove them through the University of Kansas campus. Sunday, we drove them around Kansas City. Basically, it was a nice, relaxing weekend of eating good food and hanging out with a fun couple.

Funny – last week I was suffering from incredible indigestion and had to scramble to buy some TUMS. I usually have an iron stomach, so this quite distressing but I chalked it up to the Little Freeloader. However, by Saturday evening, I was back to my usual self. Of course, whatever relaxing benefits I gained from the weekend were quickly wiped out by 10AM today and I suspect I may be scrambling for those TUMS again. Still, I am relieved that it seems work-related – this kid better get used to curries NOW.

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