May 23, 2005

How bad?

Last week was a little crazy – I had training and then took Friday off to prepare for the wedding over the weekend. This morning when I came to work, I noticed something was amiss as I passed the Big Burper’s cube this morning. The Toucan Sam piñata was missing and it appeared the kennel of Beanie Babies had either run away or been euthanized. The betta fish were gone and the jungle of plants had been reduced to a few piddly stalks of greenery. Folks, the Big Burper was GONE. A mysterious fart-free atmosphere has descended upon Big Al’s Kansas City lair. After tracking down my Really Cool Co-Worker (the only Cool one in existence here), I learned that the Big Burper had come in on Friday and gave her notice for 5:00 PM that day. Evil Manager told her to go ahead and make it 9:00 AM. Yikes. I almost feel sorry for the Evil Manager, but decided I would feel sorry for myself MORE because guess who gets to pick up the slack NOW? Yep – the two people left who already had enough on their plates. Eek. I need to get to work on that Exit Strategy STAT. The first few steps are complete (Step 1: Conception, Step 2: Make it to the 2nd Trimester, Step 3: Sell Rental Property) and it is nearing completion, but DAMN - this place is coming apart at the seams. As per usual, no word or mention of the fact that someone is GONE. Lord Almighty, these people are more repressed than the entire cast of characters in The Corrections put together.

So this weekend was absolutely exhausting, but the wedding was beautiful. My friend S. looked absolutely stunning in her dress! It was a very nice wedding and I was honored to be a part of it. She and I have been through a lot these past 10+ years and it was great to see her marrying such a very cool guy who is just completely bonkers over her.

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