May 10, 2005

How bewitching is this?

Two posts in one day? I could not resist linking to this story about the statue of the witch Samantha from the TV show Bewitched possibly being erected in Salem, Mass. I have driven through Salem a few times, always on my way to Marblehead (a delightful, sleepy coastal town). I have never had the inclination to stop in Salem because it is apparent from the car windows how damn touristy the place is – particularly during October when the traffic jams become downright painful. I love how the townfolk are acting so indignant about the whole thing. The Big Snot inside of me got such a snigger out of this article! Now, if they vote “yes”, will I finally stop in Salem the next time I am passing through? Um, yeah – I’ll be all over THAT piece of kitsch, for sure.

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