April 13, 2005

Really, who’s the rude one here?

As I have mentioned, my cell at work is in a cubicle cul-de-sac. This cul-de-sac is near the common area of the elevators, printers, receptionist, etc. Therefore, people seem to think it is their own personal cell phone lounge. At least a few times daily, we get someone who thinks it is acceptable to seek privacy in our cul-de-sac, stand outside our cubicles and shout away. While they are facing a window. Which only serves to enhance the echo of their irritating conversation (and personality).

I invariably make a point of standing outside my cube, looking at the person questioningly “may I help you?” (NO), sighing deeply, and returning to my cube. Lord help the offender if there is a visitor nearby, because I have no qualms about loudly asking said visitor “Isn’t it rude when people just stand outside one’s cube making phone calls?”

I’ve always loved a good rhetorical question.

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