April 29, 2005

And who says a pregnant chick can't still score?

The garage sale is going pretty well - considering it has been sprinkling rain and my fingers are a little numb with the cold. I closed shop at 11:30 am, but still raked in $105. Besides, everything is now staged and ready to go for tomorrow. It is supposed to be much nicer tomorrow, so I am hopeful still.

So, I went to my cousin's yesterday to see his new son. Of course, my heart melted when I held that little wrinkled cutie in my arms. I even got to witness quite a bit of Eyeball Time - very alert for just a 6 day old tyke. It's amazing to see my cousin in the role of Dad. I still think of him in his role as Co-Conspirator - this is the same guy that I shared my first beer and cigarette with, after all. Emphasis on the singular. We literally stole ONE beer and ONE cigarette during a party our parents were having. The good ole days when half a beer was enough. Sigh.

The unexpected side effect of the visit is that I scored a massive amount of maternity clothes! Um, let me clarify - CUTE maternity clothes. Like, I can't wait to get big and fat so I can wear some of these cute gems in August. Ha! As it got so warm in March, my cousin's wife had to buy quite a few warm-weather items. So while I will still need to buy some mid-pregnancy clothes, I am pretty well covered for the last "big" month or so. However, I haven't actually tried these clothes on. I am a little scared to frankly and feel it is better to just stuff them to the back of my closet. I'd rather not think too much about how much the Freeloader is going to grow. Yikes.

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