April 26, 2005

How much is that kitty in the window?

After two months of being a fixture of sloth on our couch*, it is great to be feeling human again. In fact, I have been a dynamo the last few weekends. The last two Sundays, I have crawled to bed with EXHAUSTION, but snug (smug?) with that cozy feeling of Contented Accomplishment. You see, household projects don’t care about morning sickness, colds, or migraines. While I was lazing around on our couch, tasks were piling up faster than Billy Joel’s tabs for rehab.

Weekend before last, my mom came over to help me plant some things in our yard. It is animalistic that I would feel the need to plant ONE MORE THING in the craziness of the already existing foliage, but hey, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle and freely admit that I needed to mark my territory. 24 bags of mulch later and that yard’s ass was MINE. Seriously – after a mere weekend of sweat and toil, I now truly feel the yard is more mine than the previous owner’s. I can look at the blue oat grass, knockout rose bush and jacob’s ladder with bursting pride because my mommy planted them while my pregnant ass patiently watched and provided her water.

Last weekend was even more productive. Our homeowner’s association** is having their annual garage sale. What is it about the possibility of crinkled $1 bills and a pile of nickels and dimes in my hand that will entice me to drag all my crep onto my driveway? I spent the entire weekend going through every cupboard, closet, box, and drawer just weeding things out. It was great! It’s nice to know where everything is now AND to know that what is laying around in all those boxes are things that have been recently approved for Long-Term Retention (to be renewed on a yearly basis). I also completed burning all of my CDs and will be laying them out for the stellar price of $1.50 a piece. I should mention that contrary to the title of this post, no felines will actually be for sale. Now, if they jump in your car while you aren’t looking, you’re on your own.***

Anyway, it’s been very freeing to get all these things done that have been hanging over my head as I was hanging over a toilet.

*Really, I spent more time in bed than on the couch, but the couch sounds less lazy.

**We do not belong to the association – our house existed before it was established, so technically I am “crashing” which makes it even more exciting! Like, will they bust me? Will they try to make me join? Oooo, the anticipation!

***The cat actually jumps into our cars. Go figure.

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