July 15, 2010

You! Are! A! Toy!
(pssst!! and an allosaurus)

A lot has been going on - Anjali's birthday extravaganza over the weekend, then a new niece - Rogers Baby #4 arrived on Monday sporting the Oliver nose, poor baby.

I am also on my continued trek through the Harry Potter series.  I am now on The Goblet of Fire and wow, this series was exactly what I needed right now - I love that I am not so anxious to zip right through to the end and that I am simply enjoying being in the world.  Except for the Deathly Hallows, I have read all the books many, many times over.  Previously, I was often irritated by the likes of World Quidditch Cups, S.P.E.W meetings, Hermione/Ron fights and Dobby (dear Universe, DOBBY - the Jar Jar Binks of the magical community). In past readings,  I just wanted to get to the end to find out out what happened.  This time through?  I am just sitting back and relishing.  I already know what happened.  Now? I simply want to experience.

I love re-reading books - it is not really re-reading - it should be called "experiencing again", right?  Are you a re-reader?  I have a friend who adamantly does NOT read books more than once - time should be spend on new books.  I understand her reasoning, but still cannot resist a siren call from the literary equivalent of a Sure Thing.

Do you read books many times through or are you a One Stop Shop kind of reader?

Anyway, the Goblet of Fire is about to announce its selections for the Triwizard tournament which means I need to get my ass back to my reading chair.

I will leave you with Birthday Extravaganza snappage AND special Birthday Edition footage in the meantime.....

I am Legion, for we are many.
No amount of pixie dust could save us from the ill effects of all that artificial food coloring.  Bleh.  And blargh.

3D stands for Dazed, Dizzy Dementia
We went to the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit at the Union Station and it was as if Team Chaos had stumbled upon some sort of Cretaceous Canaan.  First stop, the movie.  By the end, I thought I was going to vomit and desperately needed some painkillers.  But the kids loved it and I did enjoy watching their attempts to catch the dinosaurs by waving their hands in front of their eyes.  Still.  Crap on a cracker, what a mother will suffer through for her babies.  Can someone please pass a popcorn bucket and hold my hair back for me?

Rex, I am your father.
Arun would like the world to know that Rex from Toy Story is not a T Rex, but is actually an ALLOSAURUS.  Oh sure, we understand that the kindly Pixar animators needed to give Rex THREE claws so that he could grasp things and be a "helping" sort of dinosaur.  But sheesh, you'd never see this sort of blunder on the Ice Age set.

She's sassy in her sombrero .
 I don't do many videos here, but this still cracks me up, even after 20 viewings.  Also, includes special guest appearances with Manoj, my sister Maureen, and her overly-enthusiastic boyfriend Brian.


Average Jane said...

I'm definitely willing to re-read certain books: the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Rings series, the Hitchhiker's Guide series, Gone With the Wind, the Oz books, etc.

Of course, now that I'm in three different book clubs, I end up re-reading books against my will sometimes. :)

Anonymous said...

I just (FINALLY) started the original Harry Potter for the first time. I eschewed the Twilight series then totally fell for it, so I thought I'd jump on this bandwagon too.

I've only re-read a couple of books. I mostly want to keep reading new ones, but there are a few favorites I love to immerse myself in again.

Happy birthday Anjali!


The Hunter's Prize said...

I am a re-reader. I'm sure I've read the Little House books a hundred times. Currently, I'm re-reading Harry Potter from the beginning instead of the end like the last time I did that. I just love to re-live the stories over again. There are lots of new books out there, but not all of them are great. If I'm going to invest myself in a book, I want to know I'm going to enjoy it!

Dee said...

I went so many years without picking up a book that I'm now trying to catch up on all that I missed. I'm finding that I really enjoy reading books in a series now. I have a huge pile of books at home waiting to be read. Next up is the Girl With A Dragon Tattoo series. Then I have a vampire series my sister loaned me. Eventually I'd like to read all of the Harry Potter books. Of course I'll drop them all when Mockingjay comes out.

As for re-reading? I don't do much of it because there's always something new in my pile. However, I really want to go back and read the Twilight series again, just for some fun, fluffy reading.

Glad Anjali had a great birthday! They're growing up too fast!

~ifer said...

I am definitely a re-experiencer, but the book has to be really good for me to do that. I don't read most books again, but if it is a book that is successful is getting my mind INTO their world, I will read it again as an escape.

Also... am I the only person in the world that hasn't read Harry Potter?

Olivia said...

I'm like your friend and do not re-read books, ever. There is so much out there and my time to read is limited so I don't have time to re-read. I also prefer having a new experience each time.

LL said...

I'm a huge re-reader, there's books I've read at least 20 times. The HP series was one of the most enjoyable re-reading experiences I've ever had, for much the same reasons you describe. I read them so fast and furious the first time and was borderline annoyed by some of the details that I now see as so perfect. I actually just read Order of the Phoenix again yesterday and (spoiler alert) noticed when they're cleaning out one of the evil cabinets in Sirius's house that she does mention that "heavy silver locket" that plays such a big role in books 6 and 7. It's literally about 5 words, but I always wonder- how did she know to put it in there? Did she know what it would do in the next 2 books? Amazing. Everything ties together so beautifully.

Anyway, enjoy the re-reading and Happy Birthday to Anjali!!