July 8, 2010

Much ado about nothing.

I am putting together a post for Anju's birthday tomorrow.  I do not always write birthday posts, but I need to admit that this 3rd birthday is crunching my heart.  She is such a girl now.  I want to capture some of the things that tickle us so much about her.

While I write a real post for tomorrow, I am going to ramble about trifles today........

First, I am getting pretty irritated with the whole 3D craze.  I cannot see many optical illusions, including that Magic Eye crap, because my left eye is a lazy whore and is a fraction slower than my right.  3D gives me a headache and physically, as confirmed by my optometrist, I CANNOT SEE MOVIES IN 3D.  So yes, I am a selfish brat and this world should be all about me, me, me and as such, I would like to see 3D outlawed.

Second, I am really upset about Kris Kobach running for Kansas Secretary of State.  I know some folks thought I over-reacted to the whole Arizona Thing. Perhaps, at the time that I wrote that post, I should have mentioned that one of the writers of legislation is from MY state (for shame!) and has made it known he would like similar legislation in MY state.  Also, I may have mentioned in passing a few times here that I am married to an Indian.  And he is brown.  Which again begs an answer - what does an immigrant look like?  But even worse than Kris Kobach running for Kansas Secretary of State is my own lack of action on the matter.  I had it in my head that I would research candidates, find one to support and help hand out flyers, at least.  I have done some research and was easily frustrated by how difficult it was to find anything on anyone.  So, yes - a huge, big, fat fail on Citizen Kelli's part.  I suck.

Third, over the weekend, I was suddenly enchanted with a strong desire to reread the Harry Potter series - I have read them all several times over, but not all in rapid succession since the series ended.  I have read some really, really good books lately, but it has all been dark and depressing.  Anna Quindlan's Every Last One?  Elizabeth Strout's Olive KitteridgeThe Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins?  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series by Steig Larrson?  All utterly awesome reads.  All utterly dreary.   Even Justin Halpern's hilarious Sh*t My Dad Says couldn't perk me up.  So, Harry Potter it is.

Fourth, I had a HUGE Tweetastrophe the other day.  Manoj and I were having a stupid Text Fight.... wait....  What?  Huh?  Please tell me that I am not the only one who bickers with your loved one via texts.  I, for one, love having the proof of what was said later so when it gets particularly nasty I can pull out my phone and say "Gotcha!" Anyway, per usual, we were fighting about food (I swear 99% of our fights are based in the marital quicksand that is HUNGER) and I accidentally tweeted a text that was meant for Manoj.  Seriously, my ass has never left the couch quicker than that moment when I realized I had tweeted instead of texted.  I am sure at least a few folks were wondering why I was so pissed off about jalapenos.  Ahem.

What has been your worst texting nightmare?


zoot said...

I tweeted something instead of txting to D a few weeks ago. It didn't make any sense but still weird and strange looking from a twitter point of view. I panicked and deleted it but have NO idea how many people I confused in the process. Glad I'm not the only one who does that stuff ;)

Christine said...

I am lacking text capabilities, but I do feel your pain. I got insanely angry at Paul this morning. Over tomatoes.

But he was wrong.

I've contemplated posting about the AZ law. The insanity is going so far over the top. Unbelievable.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Zoot, I am just glad that I was home and could delete it. Seriously , I was pissed off about jalapenos. Pathetic.

Christine, I would love to hear your perspective. My grandma, who lived in Tuscon for 20 years(?) or so, was just the other day talking about the situation there. It all makes my heart hurt.

Olivia said...

I'm sick of 3D and I have no real reason to be. I've never seen a 3D movie because we don't go the theatre very often. But still I hope the craze os over before I'm forced to sit thru one for my daughter.

I don't text and neither does my husband. I find it too time consuming trying to punch in the letters, and text speak like typing UR instead of YOUR bugs me. So anyway, our bickering takes place on the phone or in person.

BRash said...

Oh no, for those of us who missed it, what did the jalepeno tweet consist of?

jodifur said...

I know you and I discussed this on twitter but please, please read One Day. It is like the perfect book. I've spent all summer reading and it is my fave. Also, After You was beautiful and haunting and hopeful and lovely and I think as a mom of a daughter it will speak to you. I also liked heart of the matter and promises to keep and I'll stop now and were you talking about something else?