July 6, 2010

My happy place.

Recently, I read a great article on Happiness - the most compelling piece, for me, was this paragraph:
Happiness is something you achieve, a constant thing. A constantly turning over thing, like a small plant that has flowers constantly blooming and dying on the same stem. It’s not like you achieve happiness this one time and it just stays with you forever. You don’t bake a cake because a cake makes you happy, you don’t bake that one cake because you baked this cake or bought that car you wanted to get. You’ve always wanted this car, you got the car, now you’re happy forever…no.”
- Maynard Keenan
I highly recommend reading the entire article, chewing on it for a bit, then re-reading it a few days later to let it sink in.  I really appreciated the explanation of the different selves and the creation of memories.

This past weekend was all about experiencing memories.  And fortunately, I have a blog perfectly designed for capturing these little moments so that I may never forget them.  While I do use my space for the occasional rant, I am grateful that I primarily use it for pondering and more importantly, remembering.

Playing with fire.
Arun loved writing his name with "sprinklers" and twirling in the dark. Anjali was still too afraid this year to do it, but Arun? NO FEAR. That's my boy! Before you know it, he will be blowing up shit right alongside his mama. Kansas Style.

A Passion for Fashion
Many mornings, Arun will come downstairs with his legs through the armholes of his shirt and his pants on his head.  I have to wonder when I will stop giggling at this.  I am supposed to be the grown-up in this equation, right?

She is her own person.
The other day, Anju requested "alligator tails" for her hair.  I love that she is still free to love creepy crawlies and "non-girly" stuff.  All too soon, her peers will be issuing fashion edicts.

An ugly, over-exposed snap of a beautiful, perfect day.
Last week, we went to the Berry Patch and had a sweet, perfect morning together.  It was just the three of us enjoying beautiful weather, eating blueberries straight off the bushes, enjoying the sounds of bullfrogs and chasing butterflies.  Perfect.  Simply perfect.

Lending a Hand
They may not always get along, but for right now, they are each others' best friend, favorite playmate.

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