November 18, 2009


First and foremost, we have a winner of the gift card from - the winner was  Sarastani!  Sarastani, I have emailed you the code to the email provided in your profile, please let me know if you did not get it.

Yesterday, my mom gave me grief that I had not updated my blog.  As I was sitting on her couch. After having spent the entire day with her. I tried to convince her that my vast, far-reaching legions of devoted readers would give their eye teeth (wisdom teeth? appendix?) to be subjected to the excruciating banalities that comprise my life.  The very same inane details my mom gets to hear on nearly a daily basis.  How lucky is she?? 

However, my mom remained unconvinced.

The nerve.

And so, here I am.

Attempting to think of something interesting to talk about that my mom may not have already heard yesterday.  As I was sitting on her couch. After having spent the entire day with her.

Folks, even the crickets are bored at this point.

And sadly, my mom is not on Facebook so she could not even enjoy the lovely roundtable of comments that were generated by a brief throwaway Tweet my sweaty, hyper-ventilating self furiously tapped out today while doing the rounds on the elliptical machine at the gym.

Apparently, joshing around about Sarah Palin gets the fires a glowin' because my Facebook wall is burnt to a fucking crisp, sans the apple. 

And really, that Tweet was a direct, passive-aggressive result of the fact that I am so very sad that I do not get to throw around the word "BeelzeBush" in casual conversation any longer (BeelzeBush! BeelzeBush!)  Obviously, Sarah Palin is a natural go-to for pathetic, puerile pundits such as myself. 

I love, LOVE watching Palin. 

Holy crap.  I wish I could generate that sort of conversation on my blog (seriously, if you are my Facebook friend, get theeself to my Wall and read the comments - there is some Good Stuff there.  None of which I have the brains enough to cognate. Am duly ashamed. Will make myself a cone of shame.  Will sit in a corner. Satisfied now?)

Oh, where was I?? 

Ah, yes.  Mom.  I did not forget about you.   Here is the video I promised:

Arun the Bakugan

Ignore the dirty carpet or the fact that I actively urge my child into such antics (and yes, the complimentary Silly Dance is something I regularly encourage simply because it MAKES ME LAUGH.)

A bakugan, for those uninititated into this  particular phenomenon, is a series of ball-like things that have a button you push so that the ball springs into action with arms and a face.  Or something like that.  We bought a series of the toys from McDonald's (Total Sidenote: Did you know that you can get toys from McDonald's without purchasing the stupid Happy Meal that is loaded with WAY too much food for ONE child.  Like, seriously - who wonders why we have a childhood obseity problem when a Happy Meal meant for a CHILD can feed a small country????  Anyway, the toys are only $1 when purchased separately and are totally worth it.  We zip through the drive-thru and just get the toy.  Why bother with the food??  The toys are high-quality (usually) and are a steal for $1. Although, sometimes, sometimes! we get a cheeseburger.  Or ice creamSometimes.)

My mom laughs at me and says that I had the children so that they would entertain me.

Um, hello?  Am I the only parent who views her children as mere court jesters?  Besides, my boy is not gunning for any sort of sports jock position and I consider it my personal responsibilty as his mother to finetune his skills in comedy in hopes of his attaining the coveted crown of Class Clown.

For real.


The Hunter's Prize said...

I was with my mom today and when I started showing her things that the baby can do, she said something along the lines that I have my own personal entertainment all the time. She's right!

Chocolate Covered Susan said...

Holy cow! I thought that facebook thing was on fire earlier this afternoon - I had no idea what it turned into later in the day!!

Love the silly dancing!

Me said...

The Bakugon thing is AWESOME! He's pretty realistic - he could kick some serious booty in a bakugon battle.

D. Jain said...

Oh my God, I almost spewed coffee all over my laptop when Arun got to the hip bump part of his dance!! Hilarious!

Olivia said...

I am only half joking when I say we had a baby because we were bored. She is endlessly facsinating to me and my husband.

Christine said...

I believe I was put here by God in order to make your Facebook Wall interesting.

elizasmom said...

Yeah, we pretty much treat the kid like our own personal entertainment/psychology test subject a lot of the time.
After one too many episodes of "hey Eliza, look over there" (she looks, we hide her dessert) she now begs us to play "the game where you steal stuff from me." Glad I'm not the only one.

Mamma Sarah said...

Seriously... kids remind us to be carefree and silly. My kids (and yours for that matter) never cease to amaze me. Arun is an awesome dancer (says Alex) who loves to dance too. :-)

Amira @ Define "Mature" said...

I think the entertainment they provide is a necessary bonus of having kids.


Sarastani said...
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Sarastani said...

Hey Kelly,
My profile is

That other profile is just a blog I follow - a former student of mine. My email address is
wermayba at gmail dot com

Let me know if you want me to do anything else.

And thanks for picking me!

Rozanne said...

I enjoyed that--seeing Arun smile and hearing you laugh. It's contagious.

Dee said...

Arun is just too cute!

And, just for the record, my kids can both finish a McD's happy meal and sometimes ask for more when they're finished. I have no idea how they stay so skinny with as much food as the consume!