November 1, 2009

October, Post-Mortem

October was simply wonderful this year.  We enjoyed the entire month of turning leaves, rain and Halloween decor.  We did not do anything spectacular, it was a pretty laid-back month.  We did not even do a pumpkin patch.  But we did enjoy the month -- counting pumpkins on porches every day while driving around, Halloween parties and gatherings, eating honeycrisp apples by the dozen, picking out costumes, reading Halloween books all month long (our favorites?  Goodnight Goon, A Creepy Countdown and Ten Timid Ghosts)

And Halloween night was perfect.  Simply perfect.  All day long, Arun and Anjali played in the front yard, practicing their spiel for the night (Trick or Treat!  Smell my feet!) Later, our neighborhood was totally buzzing with trick or treaters and one of our neighbors really got in the mood.  He would stand in his front yard moving with stiff motions like an animanitronic statue, then jump out randomly at passer-bys.  All night long, kids were screaming, which definitely lent a certain air to the night.

I could not have asked for a better October.  No pressure, November.

Arun Stoker

Grouchiest of Them All

She was supposed to be a pumpkin fairy.  She LOVED her costume, but did not want her picture taken.    Every single picture I took of her in the outfit were of her scowling.


They played in the rain ALL DAY.  By the end of the day, they were on their 4th change of clothes.  It was worth the extra laundry.

Enjoying His Spoils

There are Bugs in my Buggy

Falling for Fall
Falling for Fall

Falling for Fall


Anjali said...

The weather here was horrible for Halloween. I'm glad at least someone had a great time outside!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I remember the week before Halloween I used to be on tenterhooks-my favourite holiday.

I was actually going to write to you to ask you where them howl-o-ween pictures be at. Adorable as always. Esp. enjoyed the sulkiest pumpkin fairy ever.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness I just passed out from the cuteness....

D. said...

Oh, but her scowl is so terribly cute and put a tremendous smile on my face!

Amira @ Define"Mature" said...

They look like they had a wonderful Halloween =)

What darlin' costumes and, of course, I don't think you need anyone to tell you how incredibly adorable they are!

That would be stating the obvious.