September 24, 2008

Who coined the phrase, "coined the phrase"?

So, last week, one of our neighbors stopped by to chat and it turned to politics. When he found out that I wanted to put an Obama sign in our yard, he sort of (sort of not) teased me that he would stop talking to me if I did that. Which, you know, made me really want to put an Obama sign in our yard. Dude! Do not, do NOT tell me what I can and cannot put in my yard. So, signs and bumper stickers have been procured. Oh sure, I am just a tiny Red grain of sand in a vast beach of Blue, but whatever. It is my yard!

On my last post, someone asked about Parents as Teachers and how the timelines work. Basically, families are eligible for the program for 3 years total, it is not necessarily based on age. We began the program when Arun was just a few months old and since I had Anjali so soon after, she has gotten to piggyback on that overlap. Therefore, our visits have included her screenings as well. Again, I cannot stress what an excellent program PAT is - and it is free. I simply do not understand why more folks do not take advantage of such a benefit.

In other news, Arun has decided he would rather watch Curious George (his new BFF, as of late) on our bedroom television which, hello! Works for me so that I can actually watch programs downstairs that involve adults and complex dialogue and intriguing storylines. As such, I have to say that Fringe is really getting me - as I never got into Lost or Alias, this JJ Abrams guy is new stuff to me. I even watch it as soon as the DVR has recorded enough so that I can skip all commercials. And True Blood? Has grown on me. I did not like it at first, but I gave it my 3 Episode Minimum and I am now hooked. I am still not sold on Heroes, though. The main issue I have is that there seems to be no "rules" to which the writers adhere. They manipulate storylines that meander all over the place and they seem to have no point. I am also tired of characters "dying", then springing back to life. Bah.

In other news, here is my new favorite book that Masquerades As a Children's Book But Is Really For Mama:

With such lines as "A nation great, a Church and a State. A pair of towers and a balance of powers", what's not to love? I think my two favorite pages are "Goodnight evolution" which has a picture Jesus riding a dinosaur and "Goodnight Allies" which just has a blank page. Damned straight, mama will not mind reading this one over and over and over.

Goodnight Bush. GODSPEED.


Stephanie said...

Wait... aren't you a tiny blue grain of sand in a vast beach of red?

I'm looking for an Obama magnet for my car. Well, I haven't actually gotten around to the looking, but I've thought about it. I am not a fan of actual bumper stickers because you can't take them off that easily and I don't want to affect any resale value of my car. (I'm sure the dealer I sell it to could get it off, but I'm also paranoid about them ripping me off more or something if they don't like my bumper stickers... I'm just weird I guess. I mean, who thinks of this stuff?)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Heroes just meanders and rambles on these days. It was awesome first season-it had a really tight storyline that had me hooked but I've not watched it for anything other than seeing Mohinder Suresh & Sylar since.

I will admit that I can't get into Fringe though I was excited based on all the pre-emptive marketing. I think it's because it reminds me too much of the X-Files. I was a big fan of that, starting from the first season, when they used to play it on Fridays.

I kind of feel like with non HBO shows I have something along the lines of First Season ADD. A la, I liked the first season but then my enthusiasm tails off. Other first season burnouts I've had

Project Runway
House (though I started watching again last year for Kal Penn)
The Apprentice
Veronica Mars (well, season 2 was pretty good, not as amazing as the first, but they did beat the S1 curse for me. I wasn't very big on season 3 though).

k sime said...

Did the PAT people tell you that it's not good for your little ones to watch TV?

Cagey said...

Oops - you are right. I am blue, my state is red. Also, I will not be permanently affixing anything to my bumper. I will use some sort of tape on the inside of the back window.

See, I also missed most of the X Files, too.

K Sime,
Yes, we have discussed TV viewing and appropriate time limits.