September 8, 2008

Is it okay to tell someone to "Put it where the sun don't shine " even while on a nude beach?

Scene: Mexican Restaurant
Characters: Cagey, X, Arun, Anjali, and 3 Random Men Sitting Nearby

Man #1, says to X while gesturing to Arun: "It's a blessing he looks like your wife."

And that is a direct quote.

What? Huh? Seriously, folks - I can think of absolutely nothing positive from that statement. Please enlighten me if you think that man meant something nice or thoughtful. I welcome any thoughts on this because I am drawing up blanks here.

So, I just finished #3 of the Twilight series late last night. I really need to hear that Breaking Dawn makes all this misery worth it. I mean, I really enjoyed #1...... enough to purchase #2-4 all at once. But Bella's constant guilty whining? Is grating. I hope Breaking Dawn pays off because at this point, I am picking it up to just finish off the series so that I can pick up Joshua Ferris' "Then We Came to the End" - a read that I am quite anxious to get started.

In other news, it had been awhile since I had last shaved. And. Um. Oof. As I went all Paul Bunyon on my legs in the shower today, I could not help thinking, "Wow, if I would just lose some weight, it would be that much less to shave!" That is what is referred to as"incentive" in polite societies. Something like that. So, off to the gym we went today. I love the irony that although my gym habits have been sporadic as of late, I am able to life more weights than ever before. Schlepping over 50 lbs of child meat on a daily basis will do that.

Speaking of the gym and books, I have made 2 goals for myself for the next four months - by December 31st, I need to have done 65 units of exercise (1 unit = 45 minutes) and I need to have read 14 books. I have done exactly 1 unit of exercise and have read 1 book. Stay tuned for details of my failure. Bah.

In other news, I used to have a daughter and her name was Anjali. However, last Saturday, I made the most delicious garlic mashed red potatoes ever. And she spit them out. I swear I heard three generations of my ancestors rattling around in the local cemetery. What the hell? Next to sunflower seeds and chips with salsa, mashed potatoes are my 3rd most favorite comfort food. I was very disappointed in my little girl. I will miss her.

"Marching" Band, Old Settler's Parade

Marching Band, Old Settler's Parade

Toilet, Old Settler's Parade



LL said...

I'll be interested to hear what you think but after reading the Amazon reviews for Breaking Dawn I didn't even buy it, preferring instead to end the series at Eclipse. I thought the author had a great basic initial story and some creative details in Twilight, but she didn't have the literary talent to do enough with it. Like you, I suffered through the next two books because I wanted to know what happened and I was determined it would get better, but it didn't. I can't stand Bella- I've never seen a heroine who's so weak and whiny and who doesn't grow AT ALL over three books, if anything she becomes weaker and whinier. Meyer gives us no reason to believe that all these apparently perfect guys would be in love with her.

Wow... apparently I have some built up irritation over the series. But I really loved Twilight and enjoyed the general premise, I just wish it could have been in the hands of a J.K. Rowling rather than Stephanie Meyer.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

1) I quit after the second one. I truly can't stand the protagonist-definitely not a replacement for HP. For all the critics who thumbed their nose at HP-OMG, take a look at what's out there now. Rowling is miles away a better writer than 1/2 of these coattail riding YA fantasy series. Have you read the Dark is Rising series? They predate HP and are really good.

2) I am wiping my jaw off the floor at what was said to you. Actually I'm kind of pissed. Yes, they favour you but I see a lot of X in both of them. They both have big South Indian eyes, for starters. All I can say is WHATEVER. I hope one day being multi-cultural will just be a big yawnfest.

Mojavi said...

i am wondering if these guys were Mexican... if they were, they meant it is a blessing Arun is so white. While I am not in agreement of course.. I mean have you seen Kya :) but I am sure this is what he meant. And they think it is a compliment.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Yawnfest because there will be lots of multi-cultural couples and people won't think twice to comment on the state of your relationship or your children. (to clarify)

Olivia said...

And what did you say to the jerk? I don't think I could have kept my mouth shut if someone insulted my husband like that.

Cagey said...

LL and Monkey,
Yes I agree that there is something special missing from the series. I do see why teenaged girls are cuh-razy over the series, though.

The men were not Mexican. Should have clarified that.

It was one of those moments where we had just sat down and were trying to get the kids settled. I think it took a moment to realize what the guy had really said. If I could do it all over again, I would have just simply said "Why?"

D. Jain said...

Oh my goodness,'re a better woman than I am for not screaming something unprintable at those men! I know I just about went ballistic the time someone shouted "Osama" at my hubby (he's JAIN for crying out loud! The world's most non-violent religion!). And I know that when I imagine our future kids, I hope they look *more* like him than me!

I read the first Twilight book after reading your comments about it, but I can't stand Bella. What a spineless girl. You might want to check out the Vampire Diaries books that came out in the 90s sometime. I like those a lot better.

moderndayhermit said...

What a jerkwad! WTF is wrong with people...really? How rude! I could imagine not having a response at the time just due to the pure shock of it all.


Ahh, the Twilight Series. I think the first book was good, I was pissed during the first 3/4 of New Moon and the third one I enjoyed. I DID like Breaking Dawn but something was missing. BUT at the same time I'm glad because I think it let me get off my high after reading 2,500+ pages in 5/6 days.

Overall the series could have been a LOT (lot, lot, lot) better. I wasn't surprised at Bella being so whiny and it didn't really bug me. Not because I care for that type of personality trait but because I just don't care. Teenagers can be whiny, fact of life. Although I did find her characterization somewhat contradictory in a lot of instances.

But with all that being said, I did enjoy the books. I was especially fond of Edward...OMG, EDWARD. But, I do think in order to enjoy the series you just have to not look at it critically AT ALL and see it as it is: mindless teen-vampire books with not nearly enough hot vampire sex.

I will be seeing the movie. There is a wallpaper of Edward on the Twilight movie site that is quite compelling and possibly a little (lot) distracting. ;)