September 23, 2008

Do you know what you don't know?

Today, our Parents as Teacher educator came to visit. She will have just one more visit and then will not come anymore since the program is only for 3 years. I am really, really going to miss her. She has been such an important resource for me and I look forward to our visits. Her children are 18 months apart (a son, followed by a set of boy/girl twins) so she has also been very understanding and supportive of the 2 Under 2 situation and all that it entails. I love bouncing ideas off of her and getting advice. She is someone I truly respect and admire.

I have always said that motherhood is about ideas, not answers. I have been so fortunate to have such good confidantes when it comes to parenting. In particular, I have really relished my relationships with my sister and with my friend Susan. With my niece and Susan's daughter being so close in age to Arun, it has been so much fun and truly enjoyable watching the all three of them grow up and leapfrog around each other in milestones. It did not matter who talked first, who walked first. We are able to celebrate their differences. As we should.


Chocolate Covered Susan said...

I have really enjoyed watching Arun grow and learn new things! I think it's so interesting to watch Arun and CCPeanut learn the same things but in such different ways. And become such unique little people!

allison said...

Are you just doing PAT with Arun? Can you do it with your second? I wondered about that, because I feel like I'm getting a lot out of our PAT visits, but I don't know if I'd need it for a second child.