July 27, 2005

Where does the time fly?

Well, I went to two furniture stores yesterday and managed to conceal my horror at the prices of hardwood furniture. I was hoping to avoid the obvious, but alas, it was not to be. Folks, I must trek my fat butt to Nebraska Furniture Mart - a place I try to avoid at all costs. Last year, I broke down in similar desperation and came away with an acceptable purchase, but overall, that place irks me. They seem to be confused as to what the name of their store is because I remember seeing DVDs, computers, and appliances there. - that bothered me, for some reason. What next? Best Buy selling couches? Also, I know for a fact that Nebraska Furn. Mart doesn’t necessarily have the best prices in the town, either. The place where I just bought my living room set? Their prices are comparable, you don’t have to walk miles to get to the front door, if you phone the place, you get a PERSON instead of a Phone Tree and the delivery process was a breeze. Unfortunately, they didn’t happen to have a dresser that matched my current bedroom set. Anyway - there could be worse problems, I suppose.

Yesterday was pretty nice - I went for a nice Japanese lunch by myself. I had sushi*, edamame, soup and salad. It was delightful and the meal lasted me all afternoon! I ran errands and managed to avoid Babies R Us yet again. However, I did make a purchase for the Freeloader at Target - the first purchase ever specifically FOR HIM. Quite a milestone, yet I am well aware that the purchasing has only just begun for the little guy. While I am pondering crib prices, X is already researching the cost of private colleges (of course, I still harbor the desire that our kids go to MY alma mater, the University of Kansas, a solid state university that is AFFORDABLE).

Today, I meet the Really Tepid Gal from Big Al’s for lunch - should be interesting to see if I have missed anything (okay, I couldn’t even type that without smirking!). I can't believe it has already been a whole month since I left the place. I am really enjoying staying home. I am SO GLAD I took this time off. Several of my friends said I wouldn’t regret it and they were right. It has been so encouraging to get all these little household things DONE - things I have wanted to do since we moved in. I have to wonder, how I would have gotten this all done if I was still working.** So far, I am able to keep my days quite full. The secret for me so far is to get up everyday at a decent time (7-8:30am), leave the TV in off mode til after 5pm, and set some sort of goal for myself everyday. I guess it is not terribly surprising, but my self-esteem has risen considerably now that I am out of that cesspool of negativity at Big Al’s - who knows, maybe I'll even lose weight!!! (insert maniacial, hysterical laughter). Anyway, I see all sorts of progress going on in my house and I FEEL GOOD. My goal is to have everything done by August. I am terrified of being put on bed-rest or something like that. Also, I am definitely “feeling pregnant” now and suspect that I will be a slow-moving Goliath in September. I don’t have the energy like I used to, I can’t lift things as well anymore, and I am going to have to start slowing down thanks to Old Braxton Hicks and his contractions. I will be okay for the San Jose trip this weekend, *** but it is a good thing it will be the last trip. I am definitely reaching my last days of lugging a suitcase in and out of airports.

*Note to Pregnancy Patrol: I had unagi which is COOKED freshwater eel and considered to be in the realm of Approved Sushi Consumption. Sorry to disappoint you. However, I did have CAFFEINE yesterday so you can chew on that instead. Give a dog a bone, right?

**Rancid Tangent : Hey Fellow Houseowners, remember the days of apartments? Remember boring sunny Saturday afternoons spent lounging around with nothing to do? Yeah, neither do I. The thing I remember most about first purchasing a house was how it became a veritable Wind Tunnel for Weekends, sucking up all your free time in its path.

***Damn straight, I will be sucking it up for the Winchester House tour - a place I have wanted to visit ever since I read about it in my first Amazing Facts book when I was kid. I have to admit that a part of me is going just as much for the house as it is for the BlogHer conference.

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