July 26, 2005

Is this what happens when Macs attack?

Grrrr.... I had a post that was nearly completed and I lost it. I can’t even blame Blogger for this one! I always compose in a word processor, then cut/paste into Blogger. Somehow, there was a miscommunication between myself and my Mac (basically, I suspect I forgot to SAVE THE DOCUMENT). I am becoming so comfortable working on this Mac, that I go in and out of the office throughout the day, never, ever thinking that I should SAVE once in awhile. Anyway - I have promised some friends my spiced iced tea recipe for months now and I hereby vow to re-type the damned thing again this week. Promise. Cross my eyes? My fingers? Whatever.

Anyway, much has been going on in the Rancid Raves le Manse. The weekend was spent preparing furiously for the movers that came yesterday. I had to empty the coffee table of it’s usual pile of crep, clear bookshelves, and purge dresser drawers. Of course, this creates the perfect opportunity to set aside things for charity donation, garage sale use, or used-bookstore sales so the going was slow, but extremely satisfying. Little by little, I can see the house getting into order. My goal is to have everything completed by the end of August so I can spend September being fat and happy.

The movers did come yesterday and while I feel totally ripped off for what I paid for TWENTY minutes of work, it WAS worth it. There is no way X and I could have done it, and I am so over bribing friends and family to come to do that stuff anymore. Anyway, our living room is devoid of furniture so we are Floor Rats until the new couch, etc arrives on August 8th. The kid’s room is ready to go with my childhood dresser, cedar chest, and bookshelf. My office is now officially serving double duty as a spare bedroom. I feel pretty good about it all and am VERY happy with the results. However, I did learn an important lesson yesterday. I have commented several times on how the Freeloader is getting my OLD childhood dresser. We are keeping the newer dresser for our bedroom and buying another new dresser. since we need two dressers. It has become increasingly obvious that my old childhood dresser is clearly the better bargain - that thing is 20+ years old and is still solid. Conversely, the newer dresser is only 3 years and is already falling apart! That, my friends, is the crucial difference between hardwood furniture and particle board. Therefore, when I go out today to buy another dresser for our bedroom, I will be sucking it up and buying hardwood. I don’t care what it costs. I am hoping the cheap dresser* will last at least a few more years before I replace IT with a hardwood dresser.

Yesterday, I sold a ton of books at the used bookstore. Normally, I would prefer to do Bookcrossing , but there is no way I have the energy or strength for that right now. It’s one thing to Bookcross a small stack of novels, it’s another thing entirely to try and Bookcross a box of Time-Life books. As it was, I needed my Mom to help me carry it all in. The good thing is that I am able to use my credit with the bookstore to purchase some baby board books for the little Freeloader. I have a pretty good selection of children’s classics for his bookshelf - Curious George, Dr. Seuss, Gus the Ghost, etc, but was severely lacking in the board book department.

Finally, today I buy a crib - from the comfort of my office because I am ordering that puppy on the Internet. ALL HAIL THE INTERNET. I wish I could buy all the baby gear from the Internet, but am realistic in that I do actually need to see some of this stuff.

I hit 28 weeks on Saturday and can say with certainty that is why I finally feel comfortable buying things for this baby. I had bought some things last year from a family friend for “some baby in the future” but had not really bought anything specifically for THIS baby (save for the board books recently purchased). The fact that I am even venturing into a Babies R Us is quite a milestone for me. Wish me luck.

*It burns me to say “cheap” because the thing cost a little over $300 which certainly didn’t FEEL cheap at the time.

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