July 22, 2005

What am I up to today?

7:47 am: Wake up after a delightfulnight’s sleep - appreciate sleeping in my own bed instead of the creppy one at the hotel in D.C. Notice 2 of the 3 cats peering expectantly at me. Stroll downstairs and realize with dismay that we are out of cat food. The cats start to circle menacingly. I notice cat #3 outside, looking desperate. Hurry upstairs, take a shower, and escape to the grocery store.

8:15 am: Quickly forget about the cat’s dire situation when I enter one of my favorite places. Yes, I LOVE to grocery shop. Furthermore, with all the traveling, my eating habits have turned to junk, so I am looking forward to eating healthier now that I am home. I go through the produce section and then heads towards the fish. SCORE. They still have marlin! Marlin is a wonderful, “steaky” fish that grills well and makes excellent curries. This fish can hold it own and I love it, but they only sell it about once a year. Try to hide my excitement so the fish guy doesn’t think I am a total geek. Not very successful as I gush about the many wonderful properties of marlin that I just described. Fish guy is actually interested! Stock up on other necessities and head for the checkout line. Can’t resist headlines from US Weekly and People. Damned Jude Law and his wandering ways.

8:50 am: Get home and immediately give the cats their food. They don’t look very grateful, the damned little Bags o’ Fur. Bring all the groceries in and start to put them away. For some reason, realize this is an excellent opportunity to clean out the fridge.

10:10 am: Finished with groceries and fridge cleaning, I realize with horror, I haven’t had a cup of coffee yet. YES - caffeinated - I don’t understand why so many pregnant women run from caffeine in horror, when everything I have read says you can have up to 300 mg of caffeine a day - and my doctor agrees. For that matter, so does the Freeloader. Anyway, I brew some coffee, stir up some oatmeal and settle down with a magazine. I smirk with amusement over the reader’s letters expressing outrage over Brad and Angelina. My favorite quote? ”Brad is giving up a wonderful soulmate for his midlife crisis. It is not too late as the divorce is not final yet. They were an inspiration to all married people. Brad wake up!” Ponder the stupidity of the reader when I realize with a start, I buy the stupid magazine myself. Groan.

10:25 am: Hop onto the computer and start "my daily reads". Flip over to the furniture site to gaze lovingly at the living room set I bought yesterday. Pray fervently it doesn't really take the 2-4 weeks to ship as indicated on the receipt. Please, oh please...... Realize I must start my battery of business calls soon - must confirm auto body appointment for car on Monday, then confirm rental car, then get plane tickets for trip to San Jose next week, confirm rental car for that trip, call electrician, call movers to come to our house and move a myriad of heavy stuff around the house, etc. etc.

10:50 am: Finish my “daily reads”, shoot out some emails and go downstairs for food and drink. Call my Grandma. Am totally caught up on nearly every family member’s latest personal trials and tribulations while cleaning up the kitchen and sacking up trash. Briefly wonder what the family must be saying about ME.

11:45 am: Call my sister to update HER on the family gossip.

12: 10 pm: Shoot off some more emails, eat more food.

12:25 pm: Flip over to the furniture site to gaze lovingly at the living room set I bought yesterday.

12:45 pm: Crank down air conditioner AGAIN while cursing the perceived brilliance of "trying to conceive" in January hence ensuring a summer pregnancy.

12:55 pm: Read my own blog again to remind myself as to what I was “supposed” to be doing today during that “battery of business calls”. Yikes.

1:45 pm: Make a few calls and set up some appointments for next week.

2:30 pm: Decide I am thirsty. Make some pomegranate tea (4 quarts tea, 3 cups pomegranate juice, 1/2 - 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup lemon juice. YUM). Then, decide to make watermelon juice (blended and strained watermelon, grated ginger, 1-2 tsp lime juice). Realize as I am grating the ginger (something I normally can’t stand) that the ginger smells absolutely HEAVENLY. Can’t stop smelling my fingers ala the Mary Katherine Gallagher character on Saturday Night Live. Determine Freeloader must be responsible for this sudden fascination of ginger. Wonder to myself “what’s next?” A sudden desire for catsup (UGH) or croutons (GACK) or Jello (PUKE)???

2:45 pm: Let the *$#@ cat in for the 1000th time today.

3:25 pm: Make a few more calls, clean up kitchen, do some small household chores. Make airline reservations for trip to BlogHer conference next week. Hope fervently that Average Jane , the other blogger I am going on the trip with, doesn’t actually read my blog so she can't see what slacker I was on getting that done.

4:20 pm: Flip over to the furniture site to gaze lovingly at the living room set I bought yesterday.

4:30 pm: Must start getting things ready for dinner. I have Canasta tonight with the girls, but X’s flight comes in late. After this stressful week of his, I thought it would be nice if there was something to eat for him when he gets home.

Have a great weekend!

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