November 5, 2010

Nobody Home

Pink Floyd, The Wall 1979

Arun and Anjali wore their costumes 5 and 6 times, respectively.  What with school parties, a birthday party, a Daddy's work event, actual Halloween and a special day where I took the spectacular duo to visit some relatives, I had to duct tape Arun's Yoshi costume no less than three times.

Ah yes, am I the only parent who insists on buying their kid's costume a few sizes too big in the vain, desperate hope they will wear the over-priced, scratchy, velcro'd polyester garment more than one season?

Yes, Arun was Yoshi - I quickly realized that my glue gun and I were out of our league when considering the efforts required to make a Bowser costume.  Some gentle prodding at the costume store resulted in an ecstatic 5 year old tightly clutching a Yoshi costume.  Anjali was more than happy to be Spider Girl and as she proudly proclaimed to anyone within earshot, "I am going to save the WHOLE DAY!!!"  Indeed.

Also, am I the only parent who is still slightly drunk on the Halloween spirit and will need all of November to recover from the hangover?  In the past few years, the entire frocking month of October has turned into Halloween.  While I am happy to get a few more pennies worth out of those costumes, it strikes me as a little excessive.

By the actual night of Halloween, the mask was nowhere to be found and her true identity was exposed.

Everyone thought he was a jolly, happy dinosaur.  Dude.  How many dinosaurs can fly while eating apples?  HUGE pop culture fail.

Stupid Human Tricks

A witch's hat for the most impossibly sweetest dog ever in the history of dogs.  However, Lucy most assuredly did NOT appreciate my exercise in irony.  God, what a bitch!  Literally.

And finally, the ACTUAL night of Halloween.  It felt like the denouement to a 100 act play. 
Or something like that.  Also,  I would like to take a second and brag about the fact that I spelled denouement without using the squiggly underlined red thingie as a cheat. Take that, bitches! I deserve a Butterfinger.

Every year, we head a little further south in our neighborhood.  Next year's goal is Oklahoma.

Charlie and Me.
This is one of Anjali's babies and she insisted her portrait be taken with it. Her other two "babies" are an elephant and a polar bear.  No worries, Gentle Reader.  We have established a special account for her future therapy expenses.

And for the grand finale, I have a video!  Anjali loves to break out in song, randomly, in narration.  It is as if I am living inside of a musical or something.  Which leads me to ponder, where the hell is my hot, Nazi-fighting Captain?

I love halloween! from Kelli Oliver George on Vimeo.

That's all, folks.  I have a 3 year old pretending to sleep-walk in my living room.  Soon, the rumbles for breakfast will begin and it is best to have a jump on that.


Anjali said...

So adorable! Looks like you had some beautiful weather, too!

Gori Girl said...

Very cute! How cold was it? A huge shock for me coming from California to other parts of the US is how cold it gets by Halloween... seems like it would require a bit more planning in the costume department.