September 19, 2010

If your name is "Caroline", this post is for you.
Otherwise, you may want to go elsewhere.

Anjali:  "Mama, I can only do one thing at a time.  I have only three hands.  THREE hands, Mama."

Updated: I did not include any HBO shows since I know that Caroline does not do HBO. However, in our house, we pretty much give anything HBO offers a try.  Even the worst HBO show is often better than what is going on network TV.  That said, I am beyond excited for Boardwalk Empire!

Updated Yet Again: There is NO way I was keeping all of these shows on my DVR -  I went ahead and updated with the folks who got deleted.  Updates are in Blue, which is how the effing networks should feel after this incredibly lame fall season.  Also, to answer the question "How in the hell do you watch so much TV, Kelli?", the estimable Miss Zoot wrote a post that sums it up.  In short, I don't watch things live, EVER.  And I forward through things that bore me - such as the live action gun fight scenes with Hawaii-5-0 or the silly recaps in shows like House Hunters International.

In the past, I have sometimes written posts about the new shows airing in the fall.  This stemmed from a long tradition whereby I color-code and highlight and tickmark and footnote a TV schedule each August as I prepare my TV viewing schedule.  This came from a time when I had only one VCR and a hectic work schedule.  It then got complicated by a 2nd VCR, then later by a VCR/Tivo combination coupled with a crazy travel situation and eventually it settled into a sweet situation with a quad-tuner DVR.

TV is important, folks.

No?  Whatever, I still have fun doing it. 

A few weeks ago, my friend Caroline requested that I write a post for this fall and who am I to deny Caroline?

I read the reviews from Zap2It, Alan Sepinwall and Dan Fienberg (both of HitFix, my favorite site for TV recaps), Mo Ryan,  and TV Guide in coming to my decisions.  When I say something gets a "3 Week Shot", it means it will get my 3 episode minimum before I make a decision, otherwise I will just check out the pilot before setting up a season pass.  You see, pilots often generally suck, 2nd episodes usually recap to catch up the audience and the 3rd episode is when the show usually "begins" for real and gets into a groove.

Obviously, I am no sort of professional reviewer and certainly, I have not seen any screeners of these pilots.  I base my little chart from the other reviews and try to garner a consensus.  I am also anal-retentive with slight OCD overtures to my personality.  You think?

Overall, this year's new shows really seemed mediocre - nothing stood out as anyone's favorite and no one seemed excited about anything in particular, except for FX's Terriers and FOX's Lone Star.  I should also note that probably half of these shows will be cut by 3rd week.  There is no way I can keep up with all of these new shows, in addition to our regular line-up.

Anyway - Caroline, this post is for you.  Literally.

  • Lonestar (FOX) Hands down, this got good reviews and was listed by Alan as one of his two favorite new shows. Definitely gets a 3 Week Shot. Updated:  Eek!  I really liked this show, but it is already getting rumors of cancellation.  I am going to cheat, let it build up on the DVR before watching any longer.  God, I HATE watching a show, getting 5 episodes in only to have it get axed.
  • The Event (NBC) Blair Underwood, Jason Ritter?  I am there.  This show got mixed reviews and did not have a strong pilot.  However, I am still bitter about the cancellations of Dirty Sexy Money and Joan of Arcadia - as such, faithful to Underwood and Ritter, I shall remain. It gets a 3 Week Shot. Updated:  I really like this show.  I am not quite confident that the writers are going to pull this all together and I fear we will all be disappointed.  However, this show is compelling and has a GREAT cast.  I am probably in for the long-haul.
  • Mike & Molly (CBS) An unconventional sitcom, the main characters are overweight.  Light comedy that nearly all the reviewers said had potential if the writers quit relying on the typical fat jokes.  I am going to check out the pilot first. Updated:  I like the scenes with Mike and Molly.  I like the scenes with Molly and her family.  I HATE the scenes with Mike and his cop partner.  I will keep watching for awhile, the gal who plays Molly is actually quite funny.  Hopefully, the writers will get a little more clever with their 2-bit jokes, though.
  • Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)  My grandpa worked on the original series, I just HAVE to watch the remake (which Grandpa would have definitely grumbled about.)  It sounds like a cheesecake show, but a fun one so I will check out the pilot first. Updated:  Beautiful scenery - good casting - poor dialogue - silly plots - great action sequences - big budget.  I am pretty torn on this show - it is really weak in terms of storylines, but I like the cast.  I will stick with it for a little while longer.

  • Raising Hope (FOX) I am a Martha Plimpton fan - however, this show is getting mixed reviews.  Will try one episode but I am not hopeful. Updated:  What a surprise!  I actually liked this show and laughed throughout.  It stays. If you like low-brow humor, this show is for you.  Martha Plimpton makes this show for me.
  • Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC) Again, mixed reviews, but I am a HUGE Michael Imperioli fan, so this will get a 3 Week Shot. Updated:  I really wanted to like this show and feebly defended it to my husband as we watched.  However, it just didn't deliver.
  • No Ordinary Family (ABC)  A family that acquires superhero powers.  It is getting mixed reviews, but seems to have potential.  I'll give this a 3 Week Shot. Casting the likes of Michael Chiklis is a plus. Updated: This show really fell flat for me and was simply not compelling.

  • Terriers (FX) Two episodes have already aired, and  OMG OMG O!M!G!, I freaking LOVE this show. This was the other show that Sepinwall listed as one of his two favorites. Folks,  IT IS NOT ABOUT DOGS - it is about a duo of wayward private investigators, one of whom was a former cop and yes, oh yes, some of the formula is the same, but the parts that are NOT typical make this show worth it.  It is NOT too late to jump on the bandwagon.  Seriously, watch this show!  True Blood fans get a bonus casting of Michael Raymond-James, the guy who played Rene. Updated:  OH MY GOD.  I love this show - hands down my 2nd favorite new show (the 1st being Boardwalk Empire)
  • The Whole Truth (ABC) I love Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow.  Will give this a 3 Week Shot, even though the reviews are mixed. Updated: I quickly grew tired of new TV and after all of the bummer reviews this got, I jumped ship before viewing.

  • Nikita (CW) Another show that has already aired two episodes.  This show did not get bad reviews, but everyone said they were weary of the Nikita "formula".  Well, guess what?  I did not see the original movie, nor the TV show Nikita, nor Alias nor Dollhouse.  So, this show works for me and I like it.  Again, it is not too late to jump on the wagon for this show - it is only 2 episodes in. Updated:  I am still loving this show.  Great casting, fun sets.  The writing is not superb or overly clever, but it is a fun, cheesecake show.

  • Blue Bloods (CBS)  Good casting with Tom Selleck, Bridgit Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg (who was in the awesomely incredible Boomtown which got effing CANCELED which still makes me sad and yes, I harbor odd loyalties). Also, this show got solid (if not stellar) reviews.  It will get a 3 Week Shot. Updated:

In short, the shows that I am most excited about are Terriors (duh!), Nikita, Hawaii Five-O, Lone Star, Detroit 1-8-7 and The Event

What do you folks think?  What are you most excited about this fall?  And don't tell me that TV is not important.  I might have to cut you.  Or block your IP.   Your choice.


Goofy Girl said...

Well, Caroline gives this post an A+ (even without a 3 week shot). And you know, it IS just for me anyway. But it was nice of you to share with all your constant readers. :-)

I have high hopes for No Ordinary Family. It's an Incredibles ripoff, but that was a great concept. I also have seen the previews for The Event and it looks interesting.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! My DVR is itching for some good fodder!

Anjali said...

Dying to see Boardwalk Empire. The previews look awesome!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Anjali Sr.
Good point - I didn't include HBO because Caroline doesn't do HBO.

I am SO excited for Boardwalk Empire!

Goofy Girl said...

Well, after further analysis, Monday is going to be troublesome for me! My favorites 'Dancing with the Stars' and 'Castle' are already must-see. Then I've added Event (based on your rec) and Chase(based on me thinking it looks bad-ass). How do I also fit in Lonestar and Hawaii 5-0? Fire up the Hulu!

Mom101 said...

I'm nearly embarrassed to say I haven't the slightest idea what's new this fall besides Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That's just how little TV I get to watch these days. So thanks for the tips. Terriers is getting good buzz and glad to hear you love it.

(And Nate tells me that doesn't count as TV so uh...I guess I'll have to rely on you completely!)

Goofy Girl said...

Hey, it looks like FX has the full pilot episode of "Terriers" on their website. Might be a good way to catch up!

kreed said...

I had no idea you could be my new personal TV show previewer and critic. I have been stressing out about what to add to my already too full DVR line-up, but now I can just wait until you watch them and then I can catch up on Hulu. This is awesome!

Miriam said...

I am still so ticked off about "Joan of Arcadia" being canceled that I don't think I've watched any series regularly since. How sad is that? I did see Jason Ritter interviewed on Jay Leno the other night...a show I make a point NOT to watch...but when I saw he was going to be interviewed, I left it on. I will probably have to give "The Event" a try, though I can't say the idea really appealed to me. I will admit I am a terrible reality tv show watcher and my husband hates me for it. ;)