March 22, 2010

A Lovely Weekend Served Cold With a Warm Side of Steamy Poo

I am not going to talk about The Poo today.  Maybe another day.  Maybe never.

Probably Thursday.

Other than the Poo, I had a lovely weekend.

On Friday, I took Team Chaos to the University of Kansas to visit the Natural History Museum.  This museum is very special to me - my mom has worked at KU since I was 8 years old and she would frequently take me to campus with her and let me run around.  God bless Old School parenting and the fact that my mom let me run free - I had a BLAST on campus.   I would explore the grounds and buildings, visit the museums (there used to a neat Anthropology museum) and of course, I had to visit the Student Union to purchase some pens and fondle all of the cool office supplies (my adoration for office supplies probably began right about then.)   As I wandered around, I would dream of the day that I would someday attend the university myself (Years later, when I did attend the university my senior year of high school, my initial reaction was to think "wow, I am the same size as everyone now."  It was a bit surreal and I remember it to this day.  No matter, that I had been going to the campus throughout high school, once I officially enrolled, I seemed to have shot up a few inches.) 

Tangent, much?

With two brats loving animals and nature so very much, it only makes sense to take them to the museum (and to buy a membership!!)  As often as we go there, these kids never, ever get tired of it.  

If you live in the Kansas City area and have yet to visit this museum, I highly recommend it.  It is great for all ages - I have been taking Arun since before Anjali was born.  It is a smallish-mediumish museum and it is perfect for walking (i.e. leave the stroller behind and let your toddler get some practice!)  You can do the entire museum within 3 hours (we generally spend less than 2 hours.)  The main entrance takes you into a huge panorama that depicts the animals and plants of North America - is the largest diorama of its kind in the world and was quite the feat back in the early 1900s when it was originally built.  Other floors house some impressive dinosaur bones, an extensive collection of bird examples and variety of mammals.  There is also a live snake exhibit that is really cool.  Additionally, there is an entire floor devoted to evolution, thus proving that not all Kansans are living in the Dark Ages.

Interestingly enough, I had very little interest in the dinosaurs when I was a kid.  But with two kids crazy for dinos, we spend a lot of time in the basement now.  So for me, this has been a "rediscovery" of sorts.  And yes the Dino Crazy includes Anjali, who throws a fit if we do not visit her beloved triceratops skull EVERY SINGLE VISIT.  Trust me, do not even attempt a trip without visiting the triceratops.

If you decide to do a trek out to Lawrence, I highly recommend making a day of it.  Spend some time in downtown Lawrence - two of my favorite kid-friendly restaurants are Papa Keno's Pizzeria and the Mad Greek.  (I also love, LOVE Milton's, but this can get hectic with kids.  I do take my kids and I try to go during less busy times.)  If you are going for a special occasion, say a birthday, do a little outing at the Toy Store - a crazy mecca of fun, unusual toys.

That is her standard "You're Taking My Picture" grimace.  
She is totally ready for the paparazzi.

Central Piece to the Panorama Series
This was my favorite part when I was a kid.

Mastodon Skull

Triceratops Skull


More Simian Snappage from this trip and past trips to KU can be found at this set amongst the Flickrage.

The rest of the weekend was a relaxing one:

Sipping Vanilla Lemongrass Rooibos Tea

My aunt received a full set of my great-grandma's china several years back.  Instead of hoarding an entire set of china for herself, she dispersed the set out to the rest of the family.  I love drinking tea out of this set and thinking of my great-grandma.  I also love that the set is getting USED and is not sitting around gathering dust.

Playing in the Springbreak Snow in Kansas

Enjoying Quiet Conversation

Arun and I were having a quiet, thoughtful conversation while eating breakfast.  Nothing special or earth-shattering, but I do enjoy hearing what is bouncing around in his little mushroom head.  The camera was nearby and I wanted to take a quick snap so that I can remember this Quiet Moment that would otherwise get lost in the Big Moments.  And those were the best parts of this past weekend, spending quiet moments with my family.  

Although, admittedly, the quietest moments were the ones spent having a Kid Free Lunch with Manoj on Saturday!


Melanie said...

The museum looks like fun, we may have to venture on over to Lawrence sometime, but probably not while wearing our UNI gear right? lol (sorry my hubby is an alum of UNI so lots of purple here-- though I do feel sorry for Kansas, the sun rises and sets on the basketball program so I know it hurts, but to see my husbands little school show up and not be intimidated sure was something to see!)

I like the quiet conversation photo, you are right those are the moments that rarely get "recorded"

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

The next time you guys are in Boston you should take them to the Peabody Museum at Harvard.

flybunny said...

I love downtown Lawrence - need to make time to go back over there for an afternoon!

Where oh where did you get that yummy sounding tea?

I am trying to break my soda habit and my Dr highly recommended drinking tea - especially green tea. I got some at Teavana at the mall and it is good but I am looking for different flavors etc.

Me said...

As close as we live, we haven't yet wandered down to the natural history museum, but it's on my short list.

I love the Quiet Moment picture - those are my favorite moments too, and I never have the forethought to snap a photo.

kreed said...

When my hubby was doing his post doc, his office was in the upper recesses of the museum building. So cool. Haven't been over there as much since he got a job and Bryn started school, but it is a great place.

Had Mad Greek for lunch just the other day. How I wish it was right around the corner from my house (and as long as I am dreaming, I wish they would give me free food!)...I could eat every meal there!