March 12, 2010


First! Last night when I was reading my book (John Irving's A Widow for One Year) a reader was described as being "avid".  Take that, Swistle sweetie.  If Irving, a master storyteller can say "avid reader", what could possible be the harm of it? 

Anyway..... on my last post, I realize that the faux-snootiness of my own little pet peeve did not translate well into writing.

Teh iruny.  It mawks.  Please to enjoy.

I have also noticed that certain topics will guarantee you a pretty, pompous Tiara of  Hoity-Toity.  Certain topics such as eating healthy, exercising, reading or drinking tea.  I have seen folks go rabid in a comment section over a particular blogger who liked to talk about her exercise routine, the comment section collapsed into bitter words decrying folks who exercise as judgmental towards those who do not.  Me?  I think the tea drinkers are the worst.  Bitches!  All of 'em. 

Speaking of tea, I had a lovely blueberry rooibos last night.  It was heaven

I do not have time for segues, this will have to do............

Oh!  Hey! I do need to clear up something - it was not my birthday this week (No, that honor goes to Jenny!) (My birthday is April 20th! Mark your calendars in great anticipation) (Of nothing.  I really have no plans.)   No, what is happening is that Anjali has been carefully and meticulously planning her JULY birthday for nearly two months now.  She is still tweaking the details but as it stands currently, we are going to have it at the nearby Nature Center, all of her friends are going to sing Happy Birthday to her, we will have pretty plates and napkins (plain white is just not done), we will play games, and she will open presents (she is crystal fucking clear on this last part, folks.)  The guest list changes weekly, the gift list even more so.  However, one thing stays constant - she will have a Barbie CAKE.  No cupcakes (my usual cheat on parties.)  I have a scant 4 months to work on this, because I do not do cakes. 

Besides, in all of this Perfecting Parenting to which I am subjecting her, she needs something to grouse about with her therapist, no?

I made a joke the other day about loving Arun less than Anjali. None of you laughed. Of course, this is not true, I love my children equally!  No favorites!  Because they are exactly the same!  Carbon-copies, save for a Y Chromosome lurking deep in the genetic folds of one of them.  Otherwise?  Equal.


One of the reasons why I am feeling less compelled to talk about Arun is that quite simply, he is a boy.  I do not know adolescent boys very well, they are mysterious creatures with a language all their own. And I have no idea what will come forth from this blog to haunt Arun in his middle-school days. 

Girls? Are simpler.  If Anjali is to be subjected to Mean Girls, I doubt they are going to pull out quaint tales of that time when she played her game Mama Needs to Find Her Lost Baby with toy scorpions or how she has been carrying a piece of Styrofoam around, calling it Mr. Key and has declared it be her best friend.

No, Mean Girls will just go for the jugular and will call out one of her physical features.

It does not help that currently, Arun and I are in a nice little place - we get along well, we are having amazing conversations now.  He has SO many questions about everything. Everything!  I try to answer them as best as possible and am glad for my trivia hobby because I have a lot more answers than I would have thought.

But Happiness and Motherhood make for boring posts.  Folks want drama, tears and rent garments.

So, if I talk less about Arun here, it means nothing other than  I am not sure if blogging about his ardent adoration for Fancy Nancy and her mad vocabulary skillz will lead to him getting his ass handed to him in junior high.  That is all.

Besides, 2.5 year olds are just more quotable.  And that is not Arun's fault.

Definitely, we need to work on the HAIR before she hits middle-school.


LuAnn said...

Awesome post! I enjoy your writing so much. Great pic of Anju. We both have April bdays, BTW. Huzzah to us!

Miriam said...

Oh don't be so sure about that boy thing! Mine (who is six and in kindergarten) came home yesterday and told me that a fellow little boy on the bus said (on the bus) "whoever thinks Harrison is a nerd, raise your hand". This meant nothing to him because he's six and has not relationship to the word nerd yet...but I was suddenly thrown back to my grade school days. Hopefully he'll handle it better as he gets older than I did. I was surprised though, because I had been thinking I'd get to skip out on that kind of thing just because he's a boy. Sigh.

stephanie said...

My grandmother made me a Barbie cake for my 4th birthday. It was one of those where you shove a Barbie doll in the middle of the cake and the cake becomes her dress or skirt. If you google it, I'm sure you'll come up with a how to. (Not necessarily sure how easy it was, but probably better than attempting to draw Barbie in icing.)

My birthday is tomorrow... maybe I should have Anjali plan my party! :-)

Melanie said...

Actually I did chuckle when you made the joke about loving Arun less.... and I love that your daughter is planning her birthday so specifically! My son's 5th b-day is April 27th and so far he is not clear on the details.... I took the classes to ATTEMPT to make cool cakes for my kiddos, but the boy is going to have to give me some notice eventually about what he wants because I am not creative and will need to scour the internets looking for examples that look easy enough for me to replicate!

On of my biggest fears about my daughter growing up is the hemangioma on her forehead, we are so very fortunate, it could have been so much worse and it is involuting nicely..... but we have one more year before we start preschool.... and it will kill me if her hemangioma affects her self esteem! I ran into another Mom the night before last, I could see her looking at Allie's head and then I noticed her 6 month old in the car seat had a pretty good sized hemangioma right about where her hairline on her forehead should start. I went over and chatted with her, she was relieved to see so much progress in my daughters and we both shared that common fear that our happy bubbly daughters will be affected by this someday. All we can do is hope for the best and try and build our daughters up!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

OMG, that reminds me that I need to send you a list of all the Bumble and Bumble products and stuff that I use. *sigh* I think what makes my curly hair difficult, and it looks like she may have the same issue, is that a lot of naturally curly haired people don't have spiral curls all the way over. Part of my head is natural spiral curls like a perm, other parts are very wavy but not approaching spiral curls. There's not as much uniformity. This picture looks just like me when I wake up.

meno said...

Your birthday is on 420????!!!!

That is ever so cool and ever so funny. At least now i know what you do to celebrate. :)

Marathon Mom said...

I will come over and help you make the Barbie cake for Anjali's birthday. I want to learn how to make one myself. Surely we can figure it out between the two of us. Or you could just sit and watch me figure it out seeing as how baking is your favorite pasttime.;)

Bethany said...

I laughed about the Arun thing but was too lazy to comment after I read it. Sorry.

I have a chocolate mint rooibos that is yummy. Yup, I'm a tea bitch.

Rozanne said...

I love her hair! Volume and curl--and I'm still stuck in the '90s loving that bedhead look. It will probably be back by the time she reaches middle school, so no worries.