August 31, 2009


Last week, I felt a little raw. Worn. Beat-up. I know that I come as a little judgmental because I am a little judgmental. X and I have worked our asses off for everything we have, it is difficult for me not to judge. I am thinking over some of the comments from last week and would like to write about them. But, today? I will be focusing on frothy, fun stuff. Things that need a straw and a pink umbrella stuck in them.

First, I have a post up on my review site, Queen of the Free Bees. I took a kick-ass, awesome home repair class over the weekend where we installed new light fixtures, outlets, repaired holes and hung towel rods. Check out the review and receive a discount on a class of your own. Now, I need a pretty, new drill. Fortunately, I can purchase one and my husband will never notice.

And this: If the following photo does not make you smile or laugh, then you need to put out a Craigslist search in a quest for a new soul. Seriously, are you a vampire? Even a shape-shifter would chuckle, at least.

We went to the Kansas City Zoo and surprise! I took pictures! I have to wonder what my children will think of the 50 million pictures I have taken over the years at all of these zoos, parks and nature centers. Far, far in the future, when the trees and fauna have all shriveled up, when everything is lit with florescent lighting, trimmed in man-made materials and we are all wearing silver suits and bubble helmets. And no eyebrows. Because eyebrows are the de facto fashion faux pas in the future, of course.

Hold My Hand, Arun.

They say you can see our souls in our eyes.
They would be correct.

Humidity is Not Her Friend.

Speaking of perspective, Arun has been taking my camera and playing with it. I enjoy seeing his world, for a change. Some of his favorite things:



Green Alligator


Anjali said...

The picture on the deck is a classic.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I know Anjali's pain. These days I live somewhere without humidity but it is hell on curl-girls.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

1. Those kids are adorable.

2. That alligator is totally stalking that dog.

CarrieP said...

Um, for real, on the no-soul thing. That picture is perfect! It looks like your darling kids get along wonderfully. Can they come give a tutorial to my kids?

aibee said...

I love the water experiment they've got going on up there. LOVE it.

Mojavi said...

lol.... love it

Mamma Sarah said...

Those pictures would melt anyone's heart! Totally precious!

BTW-did you ever figure out what to put in her hair to hold the curls? Just wondering...