August 28, 2009



I regret my post this morning.

I felt okay for about a grand total of 30 minutes. It was very cathartic to let loose a string of nasty, bitter invectives. Truly, it was.

Then, I trotted off for a lovely playdate at a nature center with two lovely gals. We watched our lovely children prance around, playing with sticks and enjoying the outside. It was lovely.

But, I increasingly began to feel uncomfortable with what I had written today. By the time I pulled in the driveway, I felt downright miserable that I had totally pooped all over my pretty space here. I am surprised the herd of sheep has not wandered over to a new pasture.

Obviously, I need to get a thicker skin and not care when folks bag a major corporation on Twitter.

Obviously, I need to get a thicker skin and not care when someone calls a circumcision a "tradition" and then proceeds to compare it to other traditions such as honor killings, foot bindings, war and even corporal punishment.

Obviously, I need to get a thicker skin and not care when folks spend their money foolishly, then proceed to cry foul and blame the economy.

Obviously, I need to rethink my Google Reader subscriptions.


I am going to cook a delightful meal tonight using as many delectable August tomatoes possible (Northern-style chicken masala, spicy tomato dhal and a tomato pachadi) Then, I will go to the gym, crank up the iPod and clear my head on the elliptical. Then, I will come home and relax with my family and some knitting.

I wish you all well.

Excuse me, I need to go bang my head on the nearest wall.


Melanie said...

Hugs to you, we all have "those" days.... at least feel a tiny bit good that you sent a very itchy, poison ivy covered reader who very much needed a distraction, to all kinds of new places to read today.

I go back and forth over the idea of starting a blog of my own, but it always has come down to the thickness of my skin, or rather the lack of.

D. Jain said...

Ooh, what is the tomato pachadi? I'm about to move into a temporary apartment on Sunday where we'll just have an electric skillet and such for cooking, and dreading that a little bit. But I can save recipes for later...

On the circ thing, I think it's best if no one goes around mandating anything for anyone else's bodies. Other than that, I don't really think too much about what other people choose to do.

I'm sorry you were feeling down after reading online. It's hard to unplug sometimes, even if everything you read seems negative.

Anjali said...

Gee, can I come over for dinner?

stephanie said...

I don't read whoever the "science" person is you referred to, so I had no idea you were talking about circumcision and was very confused when reading those comments on the previous post at first!

There's nothing wrong with being a little ranty once in a while. I think sometimes it helps to get it out and then see other people's perspectives on it (whether or not they agree with you) to help come to terms with what is bugging you and determining it's relative importance. Better than just letting it stew, in my opinion. Plus, you always handle it in a way that fosters discussion and encourages dissenting opinions, which makes ranting an actual tool towards dealing with the issue... and not the ranter him/herself the tool.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Yes, yes, you feel guilty for hurting people's feelings but my kruggerands* are still broken and I'm going to escalate the situation to LinkedIn if I don't get results.

*Alas, Raynie, I got a B- from Kaplan. It was the semester after my engagement broke up so I basically remember tax as a haze of Chunky Monkey, Cigarettes and Cheap booze.

meno said...

when i read your post, i was nodding along. Then all the comments confused me because they seem to have leapt from poor financial choices to circumcision. How did that happen?

Anyway, i too am tired of people making poor decisions, and then complaining that "Life has dealt me a cruel blow! Again!"

That's why i am a tightwad, because i don't want to wonder how i am going to live.

Jen said...

Ahhh, yes, also wondering why circumcision had, um, popped up its little head.

I like the ranty posts -- whether or not I agree with them!

It's sort of like IRL when I like someone I've met just a little bit better after I've heard them being snarky about someone/thing. Clearly, I'm a bad person who enjoys leading others down the path to hell.

jodifur said...

you said how you felt. You did it in a nice, respectful, way. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Olivia said...

No wahala, Cagey. (wahala = no problem in Nigerian pigeon English)

We all have to vent sometimes. ;)

Mojavi said...

hugs woman... we all have these posts :)

Mojavi said...

hugs woman... we all have these posts :)