December 10, 2012

If you think about it, The Nutcracker is the Ultimate Drag Show On Earth

In the past week, my children have seen an excessive number of folks in costume.  At Handel's Messiah at the Kauffman Center, we saw men in fancy, tailed tuxedos and ladies wearing gorgeous gowns with glittering jewels.  At the Bass Pro shop, we saw an elderly man dressed up in a red suit and my children sat on his lap like little beggar urchins.  We also saw a myriad of Bass Pro employees decked out as elves.  At The Nutcracker at the Kauffman Center, we saw girls dressed as boys, a man dressed as Mother Gigogne and a variety of folks dressed as toy soldiers,vermin mice, flowers and of course, a Nutcracker.

Totally a poser.

Yesterday, Team Chaos and I had plans with their honorary aunts, LuAnn and Celeste (aka Average Jane) to see Babes in Toyland (Celeste's Real-Life niece had a starring role!)  We decided before the play that we would have lunch at Hamburger Mary's.  I knew nothing about Hamburger Mary's other than I've heard people rave about their hamburgers.   Upon entering the restaurant, I knew immediately that There Was Something About Mary........  something special......something royal  Slowly, I began to clue in when I spied a lady wearing a lovely bouffant hairstyle and a June Cleaveresque dress while belting out a song....... in deep, husky tones.

Apparently, Mary's is renowned for drag shows and we had just walked into their Sunday Drag Brunch.

Gentle Reader, it was time to queue up some Keanu Reeves.

Don't get me wrong, I love me a good drag show but they can get fairly ribald and I did have my precious progeny with me, after all.  Regardless, we decided to give it a try and we quickly figured out it was to be a tame drag show and that there were other kids in attendance.

And?  That was it.  We had a GREAT meal while watching some fabulous ladies strut their stuff. I let the kids enjoy the show first, then I clued Arun in as to what was going on.  His eyes got HUGE and while he asked several "how" questions that were quite logical, he never asked "why".  Because he didn't care.

Anjali?  Baby girl was too busy enjoying the music.

I did feel that a quick email to Arun's teacher was necessary:
Um, Arun is quite excited about telling you he went to a drag show this weekend. Rest assured, it was just a Sunday brunch at Hamburger Mary's. We don't take our children to bars (not yet, anyway. Missie B's? You're on notice :-) 
Peace out,
Honestly, I am quite happy with how everything has worked out the past week.  I am teaching my kiddos that no one, absolutely NO ONE, is hurt or troubled or endangered by someone expressing themselves musically and artistically.  Even when those performances are in a variety of ways that we may not necessarily understand, but nonetheless can still appreciate.

Food coma!

To be fair, I probably should feel a little guilty about all of the trans-fats they consumed in a single meal.


Average Jane said...

Yesterday was SO much fun! And your kids hardly ate anything, so I think they were safe from the trans-fats. ;)

MLE said...

I didn't realize until we were in Vancouver over Thanksgiving that Hamburger Mary's is a(n international!) chain! There was one in Denver about two blocks from our old apartment. Next to one of the gay cowboy bars. (The other gay cowboy bar was a few blocks in the other direction.) Glad you and your progeny had fun at all the shows!

LuAnn said...

I underline that yesterday really was fun. And your kids were too excited and masmerized to eat much.

Anonymous said...

Did your kids actually sit through the Nutcracker?!? Did you drug them?