August 28, 2012

And Then There Were None

I nearly titled this one "The Worst Back to School Post Written By the Worst Mommyblogger".  Team Chaos started school well over a week ago, but then Stuff Happened and then Shit Happened and I never got around to writing the Obligatory Post about school and the rest of that.

Yes, Arun trotted off to First Grade without a backward glance and Anjali skipped into Kindergarten. Although, at least I got to escort her to the classroom and hold her hand (Thank you, Baby Zeus.)

There are many, many advantages to birthing a Tag Team (formerly known as Two Under Two) but one of the distinct disadvantages is that one day, your house is a crazy mess of food, toys, crayons and clothes strewn in every corner and then the very  next day, you are alone listening to the lonely hum of your refrigerator.  When your kids are spaced further apart, you are gradually eased into your children leaving you.

When you have a Tag Team, there is little transition.

 Kid #1, Grade #1

 He and the sharks are gone all day now.  THE ENTIRE DAY.  Sniff.

 Kindergarten demands a Halloween shirt, apparently.

 Fortunately, Anju and her woodland creatures are only gone for the morning.

 We live a few blocks from school.  You would think that we would be walking every day.  You would also think that my kids could get out of bed in time to walk every day. However, Gentle Reader, you would be wrong.

I came home, poured myself some grapefruit juice in a hollow stem, drew a bubble bath and settled in prepared to read about the betrayal wrought by a privileged, immature Hollywood star.

However, the bath was too hot, the story was insipid and the house was far too quiet.


Mamma Sarah said...

You're not the worst... I claim that title since mine started back on the 21st. :-) Hopefully I'll get mine up soon!

aibee said...

Mine started on February 15, LAST YEAR.

I still haven't got over it.