August 30, 2011


Pink Floyd, The Division Bell 1994

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Moving on!

Um, today's post title is adequate. Quite simply, I feel marooned. With Arun in school every afternoon now, there is not quite enough time to do anything meaningful, such as go into Kansas City or to the zoo or anything like that. Instead, I meander around my Soul-Sucking Suburb and thus, fill my days.  Arun is quite happy scampering off to school ever day after lunch.  Me?  I am still feeling a sharp sense of loss.  

Fortunately for me, my Soul-Sucking Suburb has a wickedly awesome pet shop that offers some distraction from the shrill keening and general rending of garments. A pet shop that just happened to be selling a Rosehair tarantula spiderling (sling). The same sling I have had my eye on for well over a month. We went into the pet shop on Saturday and I discovered the sling had just molted.

Gentle Reader, it is difficult to resist a tarantula sporting a new set of threads.

And so we brought her home.

Yes, Arun has been handling her.  Rosehairs are the gentle giants of the tarantula set.  Which is precisely why I got her - I wanted something that we could handle for a change.  Pinktoe tarantulas are skittish things and therefore, I simply don't handle Daniel much.  And I would never let Arun handle him.  The downside to Rosehairs is that they sometimes kick off uricating hairs.  Which itch.  Like hell.

A few months back, I was explaining to my friend Celeste (aka Average Jane) that I choose my T names from the Social Security Admin Top 10 baby names.  I am careful in choosing the names for my Ts and try not to choose names of anyone's children.  Celeste laughed and said that she would be fine with me naming my next tarantula after her.

Alrighty, then.

Therefore, I decided to name our newest tarantula Little Celeste (because she is littler than Human Celeste. Obviously). Arun calls her Brown Celeste (because he's racist.  Obviously.) Anjali calls her Aunt Celeste (because she's confused. Obviously.)
She's slightly larger than my quarter.  She will likely grow larger than my hand.

Little Celeste is settled into her home, usually nestled under her piece of cork.  Here, she ventured along the sides of her cage to greet Daniel.
Daniel says "What?  No fucking ziti?".

To make up for the plethora of Spider Snaps, may I offer you some Simian Snaps as way of an apology???
All that tarantula wrangling wore him out.  And yes, he snuggles with Bowser most nights.

Other nights, he snuggles with his sister, too.

Not every night, though.

The boy has a reputation to uphold, after all.


Melanie said...

I'm just jealous that your kids get 1/2 day kindergarten! Such things just don't exist here in my soul-sucking suburb!

The Hunter's Prize said...

I admit to liking the tarantula posts. I just have to be sure that Jacob doesn't see them! I made the mistake of letting him see Youtube videos of spiders and he got himself good and freaked out.

Average Jane said...

A beautiful spider indeed.

MLE said...

Aw, I wish I could have a tarantula for a pet. Lucky simians!