May 21, 2010

I just like to over-react, over-reacting's my favorite!

Ugh.  I am still struggling.  However.  As I peer over the edge of my Melodramatic Diving Board, you can rest assured that I will not leap.  I am acutely aware that this will pass.  And as I was telling my friend Amanda, how lucky am I that all I need to do is rest and take it easy?  That all I have to do for recovery is lie down?  Fine.  Just fine.  I will plow through one delicious book after another and I will not complain. I have friends and family facing far more serious illnesses (damn you to hell, Cancer.)

I have not forgotten how good I have it.

Command Performance
I work in our dining room (aka The Room Where the 1990s Gold and Floral Decor Went to Die).  Team Chaos loves to come in and hang out with me. Usually, they color themselves with markers or cut paper with scissors or run through an entire container of glue dots.   Sometimes, they provide a soundtrack.  I normally try to take a second and simply relish it.  It is always worth it because these are the times that remind me of what parenting is all about.

Simple enjoyment of the little moments.  Ear plugs not included.


Melanie said...

sure hope you feel better soon!

Average Jane said...

I love Arun's shirt!

Jenny said...

I'm having an overreacting day, too. I'm feeling a depressive episode coming on, and I can't figure out whether to crawl into bed until it passes or suck it up and keep moving. I'll let you know how that works out.
I did leave the house today to go and snuggle with my friend's two week old baby girl, snuggling definitely helps.

Mom101 said...

Talented female cymbal players are much underrated. I'm so glad there's now one more in the world.