December 31, 2007

What the hell? It's over?

Yep. 2007 is on its course to recorded history. Thank goodness.

Truly, it was not that great of a year. We had a lot of sickness around these here parts. Much mucus. Oh my god, the mucus.

And X walked away from a business that he started with his Then Life Savings to start yet another business with our Current Life Savings.

And both of our families had some pretty serious heartache this year. Things I could not write about because this blog is my story to tell. Not their story.

And this year brought us Anjali - our sweet baby girl. We are complete now.

I suppose it was a pretty damed good year, after all.

Happy New Year to you - I hope you are spending with the ones you love.


Average Jane said...

First! (Heh, always wanted to do that.)

Happy New Year!

meno said...

So it was a snotty year huh?

Hope this one is less snotty, but i doubt it with two young kids.

All the best to you this year.

Mamma Sarah said...

I'm sure 2008 will be snot free... ha, yeah right... not with kiddos around. :-) Happy New Year!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Happy New Year and best wishes for less snot.

CPA Mom said...

Happy, Happy New Year to a dear friend. 2008 will be GREAT