December 28, 2011

In every pothole, there is hope.

Many, many thanks to my friend Brit - she sent me a care package last week and it included a copy of Mixed Nuts.  Not only did her package come on a perfectly perfect day in which I was exhausted and needed a smile, but the movie was really good and also just what I needed.  A slightly crazy Christmas movie that will definitely be part of my yearly holiday rotation now.

Christmas was spent in a chaotic whirlwind of family, endless logs of Duraflames, shredded tissue paper and overstimulated children.  All sprinkled generously with cheap wine, saturated fats from a variety of God's creatures, starchy carbs and enough real, pure cane sugar to make my pancreas cry, "For the love of Jesus, Uncle already!!!".  Let us not forget my personal, Sepia-toned Grinch.  One of these years, Manoj will learn the true Spirit of Christmas. Whether he likes it or not.

Despite the curry-doused, anti-thesis to George Bailey who happens to reside in my home (and happily, my bed), the holidays are quite simply, one of the very best parts of being a parent.  I relish making the Magic happen for my kids, all the while knowing that over the years, my ability to do so will increasingly diminish in their eyes.  As such, I will cherish these years with Ye Olde Team of Chaos in the meantime.

To cap this year off, this week marks a huge push toward purging -- mostly toys and whatever clutter cannot escape my wily grasp as I canvass our house armed with a fierce gleam in my eye and a black trash bag in my hand.  In our house, white bags are used for trash, but for Junk Purging, I buy special, heavy-duty black bags.  Even Arun and Anjali know to watch me carefully these days.

Ugh.  Am I the only one who approaches January with caution?  Why does January have to be such a downer?  I am fine for the week just after Christmas because New Year's Eve mutes the black hole that Christmas leaves in its wake, but then January rears her ugly mug and ruins everything.  Right?  

Anyway..... This year, I have some thoughts on how I plan to brighten my mood this year.  In the meantime,  I am open to YOUR ideas.  How do you get through January?

Santa only brought each kid one present and a bonus Christmas fish since Alex the Betta died 3 days before Christmas.  Yes, I am a mean mom and only let my kids ask for ONE thing from Santa.  MEAN.

Arun's favorite gift was the $3 set of fossilized shark teeth in his stocking. Sure, he likes his DSi (used! bargain! still expensive!), but he likes the teeth EVEN MORE.  Because they were once in a SHARK'S MOUTH.

Anjali's favorite gift was her Indian doll Nahji that cost a whole $25.  Ask me what she thought of her fancy pants American girl doll that she begged for and hand-picked from a CSI-style lineup of usual suspects.  The same doll that has TEETH which Anjali has decreed shall not be on the head of any doll SHE owns.  TEETH.  The horrors.

Guess who received a second-hand American Girl doll for Christmas from her loving daughter?

Go ahead, ASK.


Anonymous said...

Not a mean mom at all! Our kids only get one Santa gift, too. Although, we give them gifts from us so that gets to be a bit much.

So not the point, but where did you score a second-hand AG doll? Annie wants one but it makes my butt clench every time I think about buying one.

Bethany said...

My kids know if mom has a big black garbage bag to run and hide their valuables!

Love Donkey Kong. My husband's uncle gave the 8 yo Mario vs Donkey Kong for her DS. This led to a long discussion of the classic Donkey Kong. It has also led to the 3 yo walking around the house saying, "It's on like Donkey Kong!" for the last three days.

Olivia said...

Well, since mine is not quite 3 yrs old and still trying to grasp the concept of Santa, she only got what was in her stalking from the jolly man.

January, yeah it sucks. For me it's because by then I'm so over the dreary, winter weather (though it has been quite warm this year) and I want spring NOW! Then I remember spring wont' come around these parts until April or so. *sigh* Unfortunately, I haven't developed any strategies for making it better except a trip to a tropical locale. Wish I could afford that one.

Unknown said...

One gift from Santa is genius! I still can't bring myself to embrace this Santa stuff, but if we have to then Mall Santa's are off limits, letters must be written, and only one gift!

I still need to purge the boy's room, it's just too much at the moment. And I need him to be elsewhere when it happens.

No advice for getting through January, as I hardly got through December since it was freezing and snow was on the ground for weeks.

kristen said...

I tried to post this last night as my internet was entering emergency upgrade phase. I'll try to remember it as best I can.

I LOVE January. We do 7 "Christamses" every year. While I adore that so much of our family is close enough (3 hours or less) to visit, and still alive, it is a lot to do in 1 week. We have driven over 600 miles are not quite done.

January allows this homebody to stay home! Winter has not yet worn out it's welcome (in Central Texas at least) and I love the feeling of long evenings with the still short days. If I make something (food or craft) it is because I want to not to meet a deadline for gifting.

Christmas day evening is my down day. Then I am ready to clear it all out and get ready for the new year. I get so much purging done (wow that din't sound quite right)in January. My house feels light and not so burdened with 'stuff'.

What I'm really not looking ofrward to is the first day back to preschool. We are having fun and I kind of don't want it to end.

Anonymous said...

"...but then January rears her ugly .."

Ok, I'm going to nitpick here :)

January comes from the Roman God (not goddess!) Janus, the two-faced god of transitions, each face looking into the past and future.

So, "but then January rears HIS ugly".

Off my chest now, there you go!

~ Krishanu

jodifur said...

I wish I created American Girl. Those people are gazzilionares.