February 14, 2006

What's that line about the bull in the china shop?

So, in my continuing battle to beat the SAHM Stereotype of stroller trolling in the mall, I suggested to my friend R that we take our progeny to the Kemper Museum and expose them to a bit of culture. I was really looking forward to this outing as the Kemper is one my favorite musuems - they have an incredible collection of art in diverse media and their exhibits change frequently. The bonus is that museum is very small and can easily be completely toured in about an hour. I arrived at the museum, excitedly buckled Arun into his stroller and headed towards the entrance. I entered the museum whereupon I promptly RAMMED THE STROLLER INTO A SCULPTURE. A WOODEN one, no less. My first instinct was to perform the whole “trading of insurance cards” routine with the security guard. I quickly realized that wasn’t appropriate, so I did the cursory lookie-see to determine if there was any damage, then MOVED ON. Because I am a classy gal. You can take the girl outta Kansas...........

Anyway - so today is Valentine’s day and as usual, X and I have nothing planned. I believe we are the most unromantic couple around and I am unapologetic. I’ve had poetic cards, flowers and chocolate. I’ve also had my heart broken. A lot. I would much rather stir up a juicy curry and a spicy thoren then throw a creme brulee in the oven myself. I'd like to end the evening by settling in front of the TV with my two favorite guys and hear what Jon Stewart has to say about the world or alternatively, watch Jack Bauer SAVE the world.

Hmmmm, sounds like a plan.

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