February 15, 2006

I'm not as bitchy as I sound, right?

First, I would like to clarify something regarding The Slap I wrote about in Monday’s post. The girl was FOUR years old. I do expect that over the years as Arun becomes a toddler, that he is going to be hit now and then by other children - hell, he will probably do some of the hitting himself. TODDLERS do that, as they learn how to communicate. It’s NORMAL. However, a FOUR year old knows better. Example: I have 2 nephews, aged 4.5 and 2.5 respectively. I would be very upset if the Older Nephew was hitting Arun, but not as much if the Younger Nephew was. Furthermore, I was more upset by the lack of discipline the girl’s mother was giving to her girl - the little girl was looking STRAIGHT AT ME when she was hitting Arun - meaning, she knew damned well what she was doing. I hope I didn’t come across as a complete bitch in Monday’s post, so I thought I should explain.

I finally broke down today and paid for a proper haircut for Arun - it was downright shameful how terrible the monkey's shag was looking. Fortunately, I know of a good Persian barber and if there is ever a person to cut my boy’s hair, a good Persian barber fit the bill. Hameed did an excellent job and I learned my lesson. Also, I got myself a new haircut, too. I had totally butchered my bangs a few weeks back - WHY DON'T I LEARN? Am I the only who takes nail scissors to her hair? It may work for Kinsey Millhone, but not so much for ME. Anyway, no more shear madness going on in the Rancid le Manse. Yikes.

Also, is anyone else completely confused by all these “developmental milestones” that you are supposed to keep track of when you have babies? I keep reading that “by now” Arun should be “rolling over”. I thought everything was cool because Arun has been going from “back to tummy” for months now (food is his motivator, so he rolls to nurse). He only just started rolling from tummy to back a week back or so. Now, I am reading that “back to tummy” is the one that comes LATER and that all along he should have been going “tummy to back” because that is easier. I am not overly concerned, just wondering if I am the only one who gets confused. It's hard enough to get him to spend any time on the floor as it is because he would rather stand, stand, STAND. He doesn't like to lie down. Also, he only just started doing raspberries, which according to all the experts he's so far behind now he will surely be riding the short bus.

Finally, I had a major issue with subject verb agreement in Monday's title. OUCH. I am tempted to change it because it bothers me so, but that seems like cheating somehow.

So, this week, we tried a new trick - sitting in the Boppy (something else I probably should have been doing with him months ago - probably while he was still in the womb, I'm sure. When does Mommy Guilt end?)

I can report that Arun LOVED sitting in the Boppy. Check out his new rug, too!

I couldn't help myself - I corrected the title. Also, OMIGOD. Since I posted earlier, the kid has turned into our own personal Rolie Polie Olie. He's all over the place! I am excited yet extremely frightened. I am not prepared for mobility. Eek.

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