November 4, 2009

Here piggy, piggy.

After deciding not to get the H1N1 shot, we saw our doctor yesterday.  Our crunchy granola, attachment parent, conservative Catholic, doctor.  Who I just love to pieces.  We discussed the production methods of the vaccine and she assured me they are using the same production methods as the regular old flu vaccine.  A vaccine that I am okay with and a vaccine that my kids got yesterday.  However, the doctor did not have the H1N1 vaccine.  Awesome!  So, I will begin the Hunt. 

Now, I just need to convince my high-risk husband that he needs to get one.  Sigh.  Manoj is very healthy and controls his diabetes with a strict diet and exercise, but damn, when he gets a cold, it takes weeks to completely kick it.  We were all sick with a piddly cold a few weeks back and Manoj is just getting over it.   I guarantee you that my man's Man Cold could throttle your man's Man Cold into a bloody heap.

Anyway, as you were.


Average Jane said...

I can't even get Alex to get the regular flu shot. Sigh.

Melanie said...

I was all set to join the masses in line at the flu shot clinic in my county today, drove by, saw how many the masses already were 30 minutes prior to the thing starting and kept driving. My doc office isnt getting ANY h1n1 so I dont know what to do. It totally stinks.

Olivia said...

My family is hoping to get our shots today at my husband's college. Fingers crossed that the line isn't too long and they don't run out.

Amira @ Define "Mature" said...

It's the H1N1 craze!!


My husband got the regular flu shot for the first time this year and has taken it pretty well. I need to mention that he's been a big boy because his man cold is like no other.

Our guys should duke it out in a Man Cold of the Man Colds contest.

Leo said...

Well, at least you won a contest today. ;-) Sorry about the Man Cold.