July 28, 2008

Is acting drunk really that much more acceptable than being drunk?

Updated: I did apologize in this post to Jenny the Bloggess. Her response to this post was amazing - she laughed. She told me it was funny and that "The Drunk Volcano" would be her professional wrestling name. Gulp. I stand corrected and felt the need to apologize. Over a year later, apparently, Dooce herself also felt the need to apologize to the Bloggess.

I had a crummy weekend where nothing notable happened with which I could cobble together a post, so therefore, I will have to temporarily suspend the Golden Rule and talk about others........

First of all, BlogHer 08 was a conference, folks. Not Blogstock..... Not Blogapalooza.....Not a BlogIn at the Golden State Park......... I considered it to be a semi-professional conference and I was not there to learn macramé, hone my tie-dye technique, and to eat sheets of LSD. I was there to network, attend some sessions, scoop up swag and guzzle a few glasses of wine. My hope was to meet 5 new people with whom I felt I could connect and who I would like to add to my Bloglines account. And I did! I think the final count was actually 8 or 9 and I do have a post brewing about the gals I met.

So, all of the drama surrounding the whole Dooce vs. The Drunk Volcano incident, while mild interesting, did not exactly send me into a frothy tizzy of indignation. I have mentioned it here before, but I do not regularly read Dooce. I like her writing style and I have a respect for Heather Armstrong and her professionalism. I just don't read her blog. Furthermore, until last week, I had never read the Bloggess. That said, I thought Dooce handled herself professionally. I do not believe she is required to publicly handle every single emotional confrontation that comes her way. And if I hear one more time "the Bloggess was not really drunk, she just acts like that as a social crutch" I will scream. Huh? On what planet is "acting drunk" is better than" being drunk"?

And then.......To help along my crabby mood........ this past weekend, I was the recipient of a mass email and link to a blog post that asked the following question:
How can you continue to write about your life as if it is a normal-every-day-writing-just-for-myself life when you are receiving, in some cases, enough monetary payments to live off of your blog?
While I only just threw up ads on my site a mere 2 weeks ago, rest assured that if I ever receive enough monetary consideration to live off of this site, I will happily scribble away on posts as I drive laughing all the way the bank.

On a serious note, one thing that was most irritating about the person's entire post and email was the entire whiny tone about it. It was the last straw for me because I have now read umpteen posts now that snivel about the BlogHer conferences that they did not even attend. Folks. I beg of you, quit complaining about a conference that you did NOT EVEN ATTEND. Please stop acting like middle-schoolers and save your nickels now so that you can go next year. Then, you can grouse about all the snooty snobbery. However. Despite all the drama and petty bickering, I guarantee that you will walk away from BlogHer 09 all fired up about your blog. Truly.

Excuse me. I am now off to bat a ball of string and munch on some catnip. Meow.


Charming Driver said...

I am even more tired of, ''Well. What do you expect when a bunch of women get together! Of COURSE there will be drama etc.'' Because honestly, until we think and expect better of ourselves we cannot demand that others do in our stead.

Kile said...

As the accountant, financial manager, and all around cheapskate in our household I can assure you that Marilyn makes just about enough off her blog in a month to get drunk...and that's if we drink the cheap stuff. My goal at BlogHer08 was to try and survive off free handouts and whatever I could steal from the speakers lounge when nobody was looking. Of course I didn't actually ATTEND the conference but I think that still counts.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Is it wrong that I think acting drunk but not really being drunk is the weirdest thing ever? I mean...I've mostly given up but being drunk is kinda fun. Being sober and seeing other drunk people is irritating and exhausting. So I'd just be irritated with my fake drunk self.

I didn't think the original Bloggess post was that big a deal.

Loralee Choate said...

I came via Marilyn and I also remember your very cute sheep on your card at BlogHer.

Having been involved in whiny person's post (AND emailed. It has been LOVELY.) I will just say that I loved this post.

In a big way.

Cecily said...

Dude. This post is DEAD ON. Nicely done. I got that same damned email, and it was so annoying. Sigh.